Saturday, October 31, 2015

GSN primetime/total day average for October 19-25 sets highs

Thanks to Douglas Pucci, we have received the primetime (all 7 days 8-11pm ET) and total day (all 7 days 8am-4am ET) averages for GSN. These are normally not posted on the last week of the month because the source who posts them for all cable networks will post only the whole month's average instead of the entire last week of the month.

GSN's averaged 458,000 total viewers for primetime and 354,000 total viewers for total day. You can thank the mighty Hellevator premiere for some of this week's success. It is the highest primetime average since the week of August 24-30, 2015 (460K primetime average that week). This is the highest total day average for GSN since July 6-12, 2015 (357K total day average that week).

This above primetime rating for October 19-25 is up 25% from the prior week, +29% from the same week in 2014, +34% from the same week in 2013 and +55% from the same week in 2012. The above total day rating for October 19-25 is up 22% from the prior week, +25% from the same week in 2014, +34% from the same week in 2013 and +54% from the same week in 2012.

In other words, expect a press release from GSN either soon and/or at the end of the year bragging how all of their ratings are up year to date. Those who also said Buzzr would doom GSN has turned out to be far from true.

Recent GSN averages (primetime/total day):
September 28-October 4: 394K/316K
October 5-11: 393K/302K
October 12-18: 365K/290K
Total for "October" (September 28-October 25): 402K/316K


  1. I'm guessing we have to credit Harvey Feud in this as well.

    1. Somewhere an episode of Harvey Feud probably cracked 800K or a two hour block of Harvey Feud averaged at least 650K for the above averages to be that high. If you recall, the Wednesday night numbers from 10/21 after Hellevator were below, if not well below (*cough*-Idiotest) the above average.

  2. remember the old slogan that "You only have to register once to play forever on Game Show Network".

    Sadly now-a-days nobody wants to register and play with GSN forever.

    and speaking of Feud, here are some old articles about the nature of this version:

    So this has to be a question that's popping into everyone's minds..Does Steve Harvey acts as a blessing or a curse to this 39 year old franchise?

    You make the call!

    1. The new slogan right now is "We're Game". Not that particularly appealing, mind you, but that's what they chose to go with.

      It's a "Six of one, half a dozen of the other" situation when it comes to Feud, because while I agree that the show has become more R-rated since Steve took over hosting, the ratings have also skyrocketed. This means one of only two things -- one, the ratings are fixed (possible, since figure skating and horse racing are still rigged in this day and age, but highly unlikely in this case), or two, the majority of TV viewers don't mind the racier tone of the show and they actually like it, otherwise they wouldn't be watching it.

      If the change in attitude turned people off Feud, then the show wouldn't have given ABC execs a heart attack when they found out it pummeled CBS' Big Brother into oblivion this past summer. Likewise, GSN numbers for Feud continue to remain strong, so...

      But keep in mind that everything cycles in television. Feud is hot right now, but at some point, it'll cool down. It might take a decade, but when it does, GSN will have a problem, since their schedule will have a ton of Feud slots that will need to be replaced by whatever else becomes popular at the time.

      It's the same thing with Idol. Singing competitions are on their way out, but fortunately, it's resulting in a massive influx of game shows, as the primetime networks attempt to find the next big unscripted hit. ABC, NBC and FOX already have several major game show projects underway (To Tell the Truth, 500 Questions, QuizUp America, The Wall, Can't Touch This).

      It's good to see that now that singing is out of the way, game shows are once again in the spotlight. Except CBS of course. Still no primetime game show from them, as is expected, considering who's running that network right now.

    2. Well Scott, I've heard that Idol on FOX is getting the guillotine treatment in 2016, however the only singing competition as of now will only be The Voice on NBC (although to be fair I never watch either Idol or The Voice in particular).

      also with Harvey's Feud I see that its going to get the "Match Game" curse thrown at it now and forever.

      also I still think the future ABC reboot of TTTT will still ruin the franchise IMO but what say you Scott?

      and I'm really shocked that Buzzr never did a Halloween-themed marathon on their channel this year.

    3. To be honest, I'm not 100% confident on the reboot of To Tell The Truth either... I don't think it'll ruin the franchise but I do have mixed feelings about the reboot. I've never really watched Blackish, so I don't know if Anthony Anderson will be a good host or not. It seems like ABC just rushed into greenlighting it because of the success of Feud, so don't hold your breath. It may end up turning into another racier Feud-type show, but we'll see what happens. I thought the rumor was that it was going to air this Christmas, maybe alongside Christmas Light Fight or something.

      I'm actually more interested in some of the other game shows here, but at least the genre is alive and kicking. 500 Questions is the first brand new primetime game show in a while to actually get renewed for a 2nd season. QuizUp and The Wall should also be interesting, with some 7-figure amounts up for grabs. Treasure Hunt should be great for ABC.

      Not sure what to say for Buzzr there. I still don't get the channel unfortunately, but then again I've got the Rochester stations, so hopefully it'll come to this area soon.

      Also, I changed my name a bit, to avoid any confusion with the other Scott who owns this blog. :)

    4. I have heard about the Treasure Hunt revival being bounced around a lot but I've never heard that it will be on ABC though. At first, it was talked about with the Gurin Company...then nothing came of it and now with Barracuda Productions it could get the same treatment but will never know.

      also another thing about the ABC reboot of TTTT about the hiring of Betty White as one of the recurring panelists or filling in the role of the new Kitty Carlisle. I mean I have nothing against Betty she probably will be great of course but I really think that our favorite "Golden Girl" won't save this reboot either as her great talent should be in use for another celebrity-driven show.

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