Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GSN advanced schedule for October 26th-November 1st now available

Game Show Network has released their schedule for the week of October 26th. This week, there are special Halloween-themed episodes of Karn and O'Hurley Family Feud to air plus Man Versus Fly returns.

October 26-November 1

*Hellevator will rerun Tuesday at 10pm; replacing Family Feud
*Hellevator will rerun Tuesday at 1am; replacing The Newlywed Game
*New episodes of Hellevator and Idiotest will continue to air Wednesday 8-10pm; rerun 11pm-1am (and Hellevator rerun Wednesday latenight 2am)
*Steve Harvey Family Feud will return Fridays at 12pm and 12:30pm. The O'Hurley version will air on Fridays in the noon hour (and the 1pm hour too) on 10/16 and 10/23.
*Despite GSN saying that the change will only last two weeks, Family Feud remains Thursday at 9pm and 9:30pm
*Richard Karn Family Feud will air Saturday morning at 9am, 9:30am and 10am; replacing Deal or No Deal. These are Halloween-themed episodes and is a one-week only change.
*John O'Hurley Family Feud will air Saturday morning at 10:30am; replacing Deal or No Deal. This is a Halloween-themed episode and is a one week only change.
*New to GSN episodes of Family Feud continue (from the 2013-14 season) Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11pm and 11:30pm ET.
*Man Versus Fly returns Wednesday at 10pm and Friday at 11pm (both during Family Feud). They will air in the first commercial break.

All Times ET


  1. GSN will circle back to the CBS run of Match Game 1978 on 10/28 at 8:30AM EST.

  2. Looks like Hellevator gets the bonus slot on late Oct 31/early November 1st when we change the clocks. Baggage also listed at 1am as well. Hellevator must be the bonus show.

    O'Hurley had a Halloween special? SHOCKED Karn is coming back to GSN for one day only. But, DOND never had a Halloween special?

    Other than that, same shit different week.
    GSN needs to freshen up their lineup somehow.
    Add new classic in the morning (STYD does not count).

    1. restore sale of the century and show all lisa munoz episodes and add scrabble to the morning lineup

    2. gsn network has connections if they want to add scrabble to the morning lineup they would

  3. to all my fans it is time to restore sale of the century back on gsn network

  4. I think I speak for everybody out there to cancel sale of the century on gsn network before the lisa munoz great run was very wrong

  5. What is going on with Chain Reaction?