Friday, October 9, 2015

Equal distribution of GSN on-air promos (10/9)

I happened to watch some GSN this morning (Card Sharks and The $25,000 Pyramid), which is how I found out GSN will re-launch new episodes of The Chase on Friday, November 6th.

I expected to see nothing but wall to wall promos for the Steampunk'd finale (October 14th 8pm ET) and the Hellevator premiere (October 21st 8pm ET). Besides the graphic at the top right corner of the screen saying "Steampunk'd finale in five days at 8/7c", there was, to my surprise, an equal distribution of advertisements between The Chase new runs, Idiotest new runs, the Steampunk'd finale and Hellevator. There was one 15 to 30-second promo of each show per half-hour. I did not notice anything for Chain Reaction or Family Feud, nor should I. Chain Reaction is in reruns and getting pulled off the schedule two nights in the next two weeks. Steve Harvey Family Feud has been advertised here and there in the past, but everyone knows it's there and does not need advertisement.

Several weeks ago I complained about how GSN was promoting Skin Wars and Steampunk'd too much while literally none of The Chase and Chain Reaction (when they were still both in new episodes). I'm glad to see an equal distribution, even if it was just this one morning hour of programming.

Within the next week, I would expect to see mainly Hellevator promotion with a few promos about the Idiotest new timeslot post-Hellevator. The Chase will get promos very here and there, I assume.

Update: Speaking of on-air promos, check out this new one from GSN for The Chase!

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  1. I can't believe you watched Acey Deucey from Our Little Genre. I believe those episodes have cycled back.