Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 Halloween Happenings on GSN

Richard Karn Family Feud Halloween-themed
episode (will be seen today on GSN)
Happy Halloween!

Today, GSN will have four hours of special Halloween programming!

Starting this morning at 9am ET, GSN will air Halloween-themed episodes of Richard Karn Family Feud from the 2003-04 season (9am), 2004-05 season (9:30am) and 2005-06 season (10am). GSN will also air a Halloween-themed episode of John O'Hurley-hosted Family Feud from the 2009-10 season.

At 7pm and 8pm ET, GSN will run back to back episodes of Hellevator. These are reruns from October 21st (premiere) and this past Wednesday. Steve Harvey Family Feud will air the rest of the evening through 1am ET.

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  1. Disappointed they chose to replace Idiotest with Feud tonight. They were supposed to air the episode from 9/23 that had the tie in it, so I had set my Hopper to record it. And now I find out that not only are they airing Feud instead, but next Saturday night, they're skipping over 9/23 and jumping straight to 9/30's episode, which means I'll have to once again wait months before they come around to 9/23 again. Figures...