Thursday, September 24, 2015

'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' to become full time GSN series in 2016

Great news for Skin Wars fans! Game Show Network today, via press release, has officially green-lit Skin Wars: Fresh Paint for an eight episode series run. Just like Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will have hour-long episodes.

RuPaul Charles will host the full series run of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason return as judges.

In each Skin Wars: Fresh Paint episode, three Skin Wars "All Stars" (so contestants from Season 1 and Season 2 that made it far or won the season) will introduce six accomplished artists into the world of body painting. In each episode, the six contestants, who are newbies to body painting, will compete to create the best body painting design for the $10,000 top prize.

The Skin Wars "All Stars" for the upcoming series run of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint have not been named yet. In the one-hour special this past summer, Season 1 winner Natalie Fletcher and Season 1 contestants Dutch Bihary and Gear Duran were the three "All Stars".

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint originally aired as a one-hour special on GSN on August 26, 2015 and was hosted by RuPaul while Cammack and Gleason served as judges.

The Skin Wars: Fresh Paint special this past August earned a great 456,000 total viewers and even better 157,000 18-49 viewers. It was the largest 18-49 audience for a GSN original that week and ever since (to date). In other words, no episodes of The Chase, Chain Reaction, Idiotest or Steampunk'd have hit an 18-49 number that high after Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

Skin Wars (the original) has previously been renewed for a third season, expected to debut in 2016.


  1. how about a show where ru paul decides what gender he wants to be. sort of like that idiot bruce jenner.

    1. Hey dumbass, RuPaul knows damn well what gender he is. He's a gay male. He makes a living wearing women's clothes. If you weren't so stinking ignorant, you'd know that. Gay people aren't confused about what gender they are. They just happen to be attracted to people of their same gender. There's no confusion about it. With all the projection you're spewing out, I seriously question whether you might have some issues of your own...

  2. This nightmare was going to come into our "Reality" (no pun intended) for GSN sooner or later I guess.