Monday, September 21, 2015

Season 2 of 'Celebrity Name Game' premieres today

The second season of Craig Ferguson-hosted Celebrity Name Game premieres later today (or may have already premiered, depending which market you are in).

The celebrities that guest on Celebrity Name Game this week include Betsy Brandt, Tom Arnold, Sheryl Underwood, David Arquette, Billy Bush, Kit Hoover, Alex Borstein and Terrell Owens.

Make sure to check your local listings to catch Celebrity Name Game.


  1. So, is this coming to GSN?

    1. There are no plans for Celebrity Name Game to come to GSN, but if ratings climb and the series goes on for multiple seasons, I would not be surprised at all to see some episodes acquired by GSN.

      Then again, it has been over three years now since GSN has acquired anything new for modern game shows other than Family Feud. If Family Feud ever starts to weaken and the weak development slate continues, then there is probably a better chance that Celebrity Name Game reruns would be acquired by GSN.

    2. I think it's a fair assumption. After all, you did post polls on the sidebar about the show and even made a post about the show. So, one could assume that the show was coming to GSN.

    3. Sorry, my fault if I raised anyone's hopes that Celebrity Name Game was coming to GSN. I know it is a GSN blog, but sometimes I like spread other game show news around, especially those up and coming ;)

  2. never heard of most of these fake celebs. kit hoover bombed on espn, terrell owens is another loud mouth black football player, tom arnold was married to 3 women at once (or a woman as big as 3 women), and never heard of the others.