Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revised September 7-13 GSN schedule: New 'Steampunk'd' run moved to 8pm ET and more changes on Wednesday night

There is a new revised schedule for Wednesday nights starting next Wednesday:

September 7-13

*Steampunk'd airs new Wednesday at 8pm; replacing the Steampunk'd rerun. A same-night Steampunk'd rerun airs at 11pm.
*Family Feud (Harvey) airs at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing the Steampunk'd new run
*Back to back new episodes of Idiotest remain at 10pm and 10:30pm but Man Versus Fly will not air within the episode (like it did on 9/2 and other prior weeks).
*Chain Reaction (Catherwood; reruns from 7/23) will air at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Steampunk'd.
*The Newlywed Game will air at 3am and 3:30am; replacing Steampunk'd

Man Versus Fly still remains in the same timeslots it had on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The Wednesday 4pm and all other Steampunk'd reruns on Friday nights and weekends remain.

All these changes are in response to some of the poorest primetime numbers GSN has put up in ages due to a severe low in both 18-49 and total viewers from Steampunk'd on September 2nd.

All Times Eastern


  1. Wow, Scott you were right on about Harvey Feud at 9 and Steampunkd at 8 pm. Makes sense for Chain Reaction to replace Steampunkd at midnight. That show does much better. I guess Idiotest's renewal odds are going to go down BIG after that poor, but average performance on Wednesday. The network will probably like how Ben recovered even from a piss poor lead in like Steampunkd.

    Although I know many people will flip once Harvey Feud takes over 9 pm, let's face it, Idiotest needs Family Feud. Here's why.

    1. Feud puts up some of the strongest numbers in primetime and those numbers are above GSN's usual primetime average.

    2. Idiotest needs a better lead in. If that show wants to see 2016, they need a good lead in.

    3. It helped Baggage On The Road get better numbers despite not getting a second season. I didn't care for the show that much, but at least it did better.

  2. "Wow, Scott you were right on about Harvey Feud at 9 and Steampunkd at 8 pm."

    I just figured it was the correct thing to do without confusion. The Steampunk'd to 10pm and Idiotest to 8pm move probably would have confused the general audience. Steampunk'd new at 8pm is actually pretty smart due to the great lead in and the fact that it already had a rerun there.

    "Makes sense for Chain Reaction to replace Steampunkd at midnight. "

    The GSN email said that is only going to last for one week. I wish that would stay permanently, actually.

  3. If Steampunk'd craps out again next week, they'll probably just burn off the eps at 11:00 PM with no prime time exposure at all. GSN is zealous about protecting those prime time averages. See the latest press release.

    Also, the houseflies are starting to disappear as well. Pretty soon they'll be swatted away completely.

    1. I'll generally agree with burning off Steampunk'd at 11pm on Wednesday (or some type of away from primetime slot). Honestly, I see Steampunk'd rising a tad next week and this past Wednesday's numbers might have been the lowest low. But that doesn't mean I think Steampunk'd is going to pull respectable numbers ever again. I just see new episodes from here on out averaging between the other night's numbers (173K/64K) and about 250K total/110K 18-49 or so.

      As for Man Versus Fly, GSN has still been pushing that even though we (and they) know the 3 minute shorts are a failure now and would never work as an original series.

    2. Also To add: I think it will take a lot to pull Steampunk'd from that 8pm slot Wednesdays with GSN's mentality. The only way I see Steampunk'd being ejected from primetime as you propose is if the next two weeks, Harvey Feud scores 500K/150K or so at 7:30pm and Steampunk'd does less than 150K/60K.

      Then again, I knew yesterday late afternoon GSN had to move Wednesdays around but just was not confident they would move that quick.

    3. Man V Fly should have never been made period