Friday, September 18, 2015

On GSN's website, Jeannie Mai is no longer part of the "GSN family"

On the GSNTV homepage, Jeannie Mai, host of Steampunk'd, is no longer featured with the numerous GSN hosts and personalities. 

Others from the past, including Jerry Springer, are there. Those from the current, including Brooke Burns, Mark Labbett, Mike Catherwood, Ben Gleib and all three Skin Wars judges plus host Rebecca Romijn are there. To show that this is up to date, Jen and Sylvia Soska from Hellevator are there. In other words, this sidebar feature has been updated in recent months when Steampunk'd has existed.

It must be noted that the main banner on the GSNTV homepage is advertising Steampunk'd new runs Wednesdays at 8pm.

This goes to show that Steampunk'd may really be on its way out, as the ratings have shown. Additionally, on the Idiotest casting page (which is suppose to have the latest, greatest banner), Jeannie Mai is not there with the other GSN personalities. Jen and Sylvia Soska are also not in the banner. Mai had been on other banners on GSN's social media pages, but those were taken down to make room for Man Versus Fly banners.

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