Thursday, September 3, 2015

New tonight on GSN: Teen-themed episode of 'The Chase' (summer finale); Teachers versus Students on NEW 'Chain Reaction'

The Chase airs all new tonight at 8pm ET. In tonight's episode, three teenagers take on "The Beast", Mark Labbett. This is the first time ever on the American version of The Chase where teenagers take on The Beast.
After this week, The Chase goes on another mid-season hiatus.

Back to back new episodes of Chain Reaction air tonight at 9pm and 9:30pm ET. Tonight's special theme (the first, 9pm run) is "Teachers Versus Students." I can't quite remember, but GSN has tried this on one of their shows before. Woolery Lingo and/or Idiotest, maybe?


  1. Dylan Lane Chain Reaction had a week of Teachers vs. Students, as did Woolery Lingo, around the same time Dylan Lane hosted a GSN Win With Words special.

  2. Hearing that tonight's Final Chase is very exciting and a roller coaster on Mark Labbett's part at the very end.