Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New tonight on GSN: 'Steampunk'd' in new timeslot, 'Idiotest'

Steampunk'd moves to an all new timeslot at 8pm ET tonight. This means the new episode airs at 8pm ET, not the prior week rerun. Seven contestants remain as they work in two teams to build the "closet" portion of the manor. Actress Kirsten Vangsness joins Thomas Willeford, Kate "Kato" Lambert and Matt King at the judging panel. Jeannie Mai hosts.
Steve Harvey Family Feud will air at 9pm and 9:30pm ET, sandwiched between the new runs of Steampunk'd and Idiotest.

Unusual for a game show blog, right? Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Eli Manning of the Dallas Cowboys. Idiotest airs new tonight at 10pm and 10:30pm ET with a Giants versus Cowboys themed episode. Which one will be dominant on Idiotest? Ben Gleib hosts.


  1. Appropriate that Idiotest has a football themed episode, since the season starts up tomorrow. Boy, Idiotest has been on a roll with these themed episodes.

  2. of course they will have 2 stupid hicks versus 2 stupid new yorkers. ratings should be good for ff unless the monkeys start rioting again.

  3. Who wants to watch these shows? Buzzr has a far superior lineup tonight.

    Buzzr has Double Dare with Alex Trebek and his afro from 8-9:30 followed by Now You See it from 9:30-11.

    1. The problem with Buzzr, still, is very little availability and the whole massive rerun cycle factor. Fix that and they could have some competition on GSN.

    2. What rerun cycle?
      The 8am-2pm which repeats 2-8 is not big deal. Even the evening 8-11 11-2am is again no big deal. GSN repeats as well.

      This week Buzzr got some new episodes of the shows on the schedule.
      Xmas week of Super Password just started today.

      Buzzr lineup is still A lot better than GSN's same **** different day.

    3. I have heard a lot more negatives about Buzzr's repeat cycle than anything else. I've heard it's also the fact that the same episodes were just shown two weeks prior.

      GSN's rerun cycle is only their same night method, just like the rest of cable, for originals like Steampunk'd, Idiotest, The Chase and Chain Reaction new episodes. Family Feud doesn't rerun the same night.

      I'll agree that Buzzr is a great resource for those who love classic game shows and I would be watching often if I received the network.

    4. You should consider moving to one of the areas w/ Buzzr.

    5. I'm not moving just for Buzzr. But sooner or later, Buzzr will probably roll out in more and more places.