Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If GSN cancels 'Idiotest' sometime soon, they will just revive it in five to ten years

This a prediction post, but a solid prediction post.

Too many GSN shows have been cancelled too early and then brought back years later: Lingo, Chain Reaction and Baggage are three examples.

The Idiotest numbers have skewed towards cancellation since the beginning of July. Skin Wars boosted numbers for Idiotest at first but then, the two audiences did not mix. Skin Wars was not a game show liked by the traditional GSN crowd and brought in its viewers from elsewhere. For example, in majority, Idiotest viewers like The Chase, Press Your Luck and classic Pyramid. Meanwhile, with possibly the exception of Family Feud, no other shows attract a liking to the ordinary Skin Wars viewers. You follow?

Then, Steampunk'd came along. The past two weeks, Idiotest has had poor numbers, but that's directly due to Steampunk'd. On August 26th, Idiotest remained stable from Steampunk'd while rose on September 2nd.

In the case GSN does cancel Idiotest, which is more likely than ever, they will bring it back some day, guaranteed. Most likely about five to ten years down the road. Idiotest is a very interesting concept and there is nothing else out there like it. It's easy and cheap to produce too. If Idiotest does end soon, it's not dead forever.

Idiotest, for now, airs new this Wednesday at 10pm and 10:30pm ET with new lead-in Family Feud.

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