Monday, September 14, 2015

'Idiotest' casting call legitimate: GSN renews 'Idiotest' for a third season

It is now true that Game Show Network will renew Idiotest for a third season in the upcoming days or weeks. The casting call from earlier today, which we thought could have been misleading, has been confirmed to be true from the casting head, Pedro Gomez himself. The screenshot of his email to us can be seen through our twitter page. In addition to Pedro's casting call on Craigslist, another casting call for Idiotest was sent out yesterday through project casting.

Pedro Gomez is no stranger to casting himself. According to his IMDb page, he has worked on many hit shows on broadcast television in recent years, including Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Glee, American Idol and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You can also check out Pedro's twitter here.

There is no word on the number of episodes for this third season of Idiotest (most likely 65), when the episodes will film, when the next season will premiere and if Ben Gleib is returning as host.

Currently, Idiotest has aired 46 episodes of its 65 episode second season. Idiotest returns with back to back new episodes next Wednesday at 10pm ET after a hiatus this week.


  1. I have to agree in that GSN's development state has been surprisingly weak as of late. If I didn't know any better, I'd say GSN renewed Idiotest as a filler, since they don't plan on renewing Steampunk'd, Chain Reaction or Hellevator, which leaves them with only 3 shows to work with until they find their next project -- Skin Wars (already renewed), Idiotest (already renewed) and The Chase.

    As for The Chase, they might be waiting until the season ends before renewing it. The show is definitely more expensive than anything else they're producing, having to fly people over to the UK and then paying Brooke and Mark big bucks, as well as possibly shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars as prizes, so that might be why they're taking their time.

    Personally, I think you can only see Mark lose so many times before the show begins to lose some of its appeal, but right now it's hot in the ratings -- might be skewing a bit older than Skin Wars, but with the viewer numbers it brings in, it shouldn't be going anywhere. Now, if GSN makes a stupid move and chooses to cancel it because of an expensive production budget, not enough 18-49 viewers, etc., then I hope the show that replaces it kills the ratings for that timeslot (which will probably be another hour of Feud, knowing how this goes).

    CBS made the same mistake in 2009 with Million Dollar Password and that ticked me off like you wouldn't believe. MDP was constantly pulling in 8 million, 9 million, even 10 million viewers. That is NOT a failure, by any means of the word. But CBS cancelled it anyway since the 18-49 numbers were low compared to its other programs. And going on 6 years now, ever since MDP was cancelled, CBS hasn't aired a single game show in primetime thanks to Les Moonves.

    Networks really have to stop cancelling programs just because of low 18-49 demos. If the shows are pulling in high viewership numbers which are equal to or better than the rest of their primetime line-up, the show should still be considered for renewal.

    I mean, look at Big Brother, it's only getting around 5 to 7 million, yet CBS keeps renewing that show. Still think Regis got shafted...

  2. "Personally, I think you can only see Mark lose so many times before the show begins to lose some of its appeal"

    In some seasons, I have actually noticed an upward trend in ratings when Mark won for weeks and then after the episode where the contestants won, ratings dropped a bit. Maybe there is some hype towards The Chase week after week when Mark keeps winning and fans are waiting to see a contestant win.

    I think with The Chase and how expensive it could be, GSN is trying to stretch out its current 20 episodes of the show this year as long as they can do they don't have to make new ones for a while.

  3. Idiotest regularly gets 100K+ 18-49 viewers. That makes it a lock for renewal on the ancient-skewing GSN. The network has to get a few younger viewers to balance out (at least a little) the really, really old skew of most of its schedule.

    I'm starting to worry a little about Chain Reaction. It's skewing almost as old as GSN's usual stuff. We'll see.

    1. You still don't get it, do you?

  4. There is yet another update to this story. Small and repetitive, but the Idiotest twitter account (@Idiotestshow) has officially tweeted the casting call image from Craigslist yesterday: