Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Chain Reaction' rerun ratings from last Friday night (8/28) (UPDATE: MORE NON-NEW ORIGINAL PRIMETIME RATINGS)

For some reason, ShowBuzz has ratings for a solo episode of the new Chain Reaction from last Friday night at 8:30pm ET, which was a rerun. The episode scored 335,000 total viewers and a 0.10 in the 18-49 demo (which that decimal is equivalent to about 125,000 18-49 viewers). A segment of Man Versus Fly also aired during this timeslot (which is probably why Chain Reaction surfaced on the ShowBuzz list).

Overall, great numbers for just a rerun of Chain Reaction in both figures.

Digging further into ShowBuzz, they actually published all GSN slots where Man Versus Fly aired new (and as long as the 18-49's were in the top 100 of all cable). Here is what we found:

From Monday, August 24th:
9:30pm ET Family Feud: 486K total; 0.11 18-49 (equivalent to about 140K 18-49)
2:00am Baggage: 230K total; 0.08 18-49 (equivalent to about 100K 18-49)

From Friday, August 21st:
8:30pm Chain Reaction (rerun): 303K total; 0.08 18-49

From Monday, August 17th:
9:30pm Family Feud: 486K total; 0.13 18-49 (which is equivalent to about 160K 18-49)

Overall: No bad ratings to report. Exactly the same for Family Feud two Monday nights in a row in the same timeslot. Glad to see all these shows, all reruns by the way, are making it into the ShowBuzz Top 100 in 18-49's for all cable shows for the night. Baggage and Chain Reaction are also holding on pretty well there and gathering enough 18-49's too.


  1. Glad to see Catherwood Chain Reaction putting up respectable demos. I decided to catch an episode the other day, just out of curiosity, and I really liked it. It is one of my favorite originals on GSN right now. I love the new fast-paced end game; it is a welcome change from the frequently painful end game that was used in the Lane version.

    1. I tuned in last Tuesday evening to the NEW CR and was treated to BITCH PLEASE.

      Thank God Buzzr has LMaD at the same time.

    2. Yeah, I heard about that. I think the use of that word is pretty despicable. I didn't see that particular episode, but for the most part, the episodes that I have watched have been perfectly clean.

  2. Count me in the crowd that refuses to watch a Mike Catheter-hosted anything.

    1. Why do you hate Mike Catherwood so much? I think he's a decent host - leaps and bounds above Dylan Lane.