Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another revised September 14-20 schedule

GSN has sent out a new revised schedule for next week. The changes, as listed below, involve late daytime weekdays and Wednesday primetime:

September 14-20

*Deal or No Deal (the hour-long NBC version) returns to 4pm on all weekdays; replacing Dog Eat Dog.
*There is no longer a Steampunk'd rerun on Wednesday at 4pm and going forward (for now, at least).
*In Wednesday primetime, the premiere episode of Steampunk'd will air (from 8/19) at 8pm; replacing the new run
*In Wednesday primetime, an rerun of Idiotest from November 4, 2014 (one being Democrats versus Republicans) will air at 10pm and 10:30pm; replacing the new runs.
*The Steampunk'd rerun from Wednesday 8pm will rerun Wednesday 11pm.
*The Idiotest rerun from Wednesday 10pm will rerun Wednesday latenight at 1am.

In other words from Wednesday night, no new episodes of Steampunk'd or Idiotest run this week. It also appears with Deal or No Deal, the double run of episodes will air in order by original airdate each weekday from 4-6pm.

Steampunk'd and Idiotest new runs will return on Wednesday, September 23rd. The reasoning behind this one week hiatus for Steampunk'd and Idiotest comes from CNN moving the next Republican Debate back to 8pm ET on the same night, September 16th. The last Republican Debate drew over 23 million households, which is a huge, huge number. This also now leaves no empty space for GSN in the 8pm hour on October 14th, which was originally suppose to be the one week gap between the Steampunk'd finale and the Hellevator premiere. Now, if Steampunk'd continues to air at one-a-week starting September 23rd, then the finale would be October 14th.

All Times Eastern


  1. I think Dog Eat Dog might have been temporary until GSN could figure out what to do with the 4 pm slot. I knew that show would not have lasted there for long. Smart move by not airing new originals next Wednesday. They would have been crushed by the debate had they aired new episodes. I just thought of this, if Celebrity Family Feud does get renewed and it should for a second season, do you think ABC should give NBC a run for their money and air CFF directly up against America's Got Talent? I know it sounds silly, but it would be really good competition.

  2. In the 4pm slot, the rights to the syndicated version of Deal or No Deal expired, I believe. It appears Dog Eat Dog bombed, so they are just putting a two-hour run of Deal or No Deal into late afternoons. That's probably what they should have done in the first place.

    With Celebrity Family Feud, ABC will probably keep it where it worked on Sundays, away from AGT. 5th Grader did not work against AGT, did it? ;)

  3. Speaking of 5th Grader (2015), does anybody notice that the set looks much more smaller and cramped compared to the original version?

    1. Looks like they went a little cheap.

    2. I never though of them going a little cheap on the set Adam, the original set had a much more roomier and wide open spaces feel compared to the 2015 version.

      I just see it from a far away shot you know.