Thursday, August 20, 2015

Where were 'The Chase' and 'Chain Reaction' promos last night?

During last night's two hours of the Skin Wars finale and Steampunk'd premiere, there was not one full screen advertisement for either The Chase or Chain Reaction, which both have new episodes tonight. Instead, all advertisements focused on the Steampunk'd premiere the next hour (during Skin Wars), the fact that Steampunk'd is moving to its regular time next Wednesday at 9pm (that aired during Steampunk'd) and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint promos aired during both shows. All these advertisements aired continuously and repeatedly during every single commercial break of Skin Wars and Steampunk'd last night, as well as Family Feud later on.

An Idiotest commercial was aired once during Steampunk'd.

This is a complaint towards GSN. I get that they really want to push the young-skewing Skin Wars and Steampunk'd (and everyone in the GSN offices yesterday had to wear Steampunk outfits), but The Chase and Chain Reaction deserve more respect and attention. Unless I really missed out, not one commercial for The Chase or Chain Reaction aired. Also, I don't believe there was an on-air scroll at the bottom for The Chase or Chain Reaction either from 9-11pm last night.

While it was a big premiere night for GSN with a Skin Wars special coming up next week, GSN should have pushed The Chase and Chain Reaction more. Even with one full screen commercial per hour per show would have been satisfying and may have pulled some of last night's viewers to watch tonight's shows. I get that the Skin Wars and Steampunk'd audiences are different than the traditionalist game show audience, but The Chase and Chain Reaction should have been promoted way more (compared to not at all). Even Hellevator only got one 30-second advertisement, saying "Coming in October" towards the end of Steampunk'd.

It's important to keep watching The Chase and Chain Reaction. We promote them here while GSN didn't!

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