Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wednesday 8/12 and Thursday 8/13 GSN primetime averages

Here are the complete primetime averages for GSN from this past Wednesday and Thursday in total and 18-49 viewers, plus how they rank compared to other nights:

Wednesday 8/12 (8-11:09pm ET): 390,000 total viewers; 141,000 18-49 viewers

This is actually a rather weak night in total viewers (very strong for 18-49's thanks to new Skin Wars) with Skin Wars in the middle that perks up the numbers. The Skin Wars rerun at 8pm and the second new episode of Idiotest were weak, which dragged the numbers down.

Thursday 8/13 (8-11pm ET): 449,000 total viewers; 113,000 18-49 viewers

This is average in total viewers and slightly above average in 18-49 viewers for recent GSN standards.

The truth is, Saturday and Sunday nights seem to be raising expectations for GSN because they're filled with Family Feud. Last Saturday, two hours of Family Feud in primetime averaged 546,000 total viewers while two hours of The Chase and Chain Reaction on Thursday night averaged 500,000 total viewers. So very popular Family Feud makes new GSN originals look sort of weak while they are actually not doing that bad.


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    1. Probably :) but....

      Except after new eps of Chain Reaction. Family Feud has dropped from Chain Reaction at least twice over the past five weeks on Thursdays.

      I guess the older Chain Reaction audience tunes out Harvey Feud.

    2. not everybody watches negro ff

    3. And not everybody is a racist, like you.

    4. not everybody watches negro ff

      Is that you, patnvanna83?

  2. IDIOTEST is being exposed for what it really is with the failing ratings.
    Another season low coming your way next week too. A 43% drop means BYE-BYE season 3.

  3. Are you kidding? The two-week prime time average for Wednesday and Thursday was 420K. That's terrific by GSN's historical standards, even though the average was badly affected by the disastrous Man vs. Fly interstitials. The houseflies clobbered the second run of Idiotest on Wednesday and the 10:00 PM run of Family Feud on Thursday. (Of course, the insects will almost certainly soon be gone.)

    In 2007 this network averaged 256K in prime time...

    Compared to those not-so-long ago days, the averages you think are underwhelming look great. And they would have been even better if not for the obnoxious insects.

    1. One correction: should have said two-day average for Wednesday and Thursday.

    2. Just to see how much the insects hurt the two-day prime time average, I recalculated the number assuming that the second run of Idiotest had gotten the same audience as the first run and the first run of Family Feud had gotten the same as the second run. The result would have been a 433K prime time average for the two nights. Which looks just fine compared to GSN's recent averages and terrific compared to their historical averages.

      It's all the houseflies. They won't buzz around GSN for long. I'll also grant that reruns of Skin Wars don't perform so well. As everybody knows, reality doesn't repeat well. GSN should try more reruns of The Chase in prime time.

  4. "The houseflies clobbered the second run of Idiotest on Wednesday and the 10:00 PM run of Family Feud on Thursday."

    The 10pm Family Feud on Thursday? How? Man Versus Fly aired mid episode during Chain Reaction on Thursday (around 9:45pm). I saw it with my own eyes. You really think that many people didn't wait out the betting round and end game of Chain Reaction just because of Man Versus Fly?

    "I'll also grant that reruns of Skin Wars don't perform so well."

    I really don't get why GSN keeps running a rerun of Skin Wars before the new run. A rerun already airs at 4pm. I would definitely use a rerun of The Chase there. The first week or two back in June, if the 8pm rerun did badly, fine. But week after week, the Wednesday 8pm slot should have been changed up.