Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tonight on GSN: 'Skin Wars' Season 2 finale; 'Steampunk'd' premiere

Steampunk'd contestants with host Jeannie Mai (middle)
Tonight is actually a really big night for Game Show Network, at least for their non-traditional shows and their future. The Skin Wars finale airs at 9pm ET with three contestants remaining. Avi, Aryn and Lana compete for the $100,000 top prize, a trip to the World Body Painting fair in Austria and a Royal and Langnickel brush collection with their name on it. RuPaul, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy judge as Rebecca Romijn hosts.

At 10pm ET, immediately after the Skin Wars finale, Steampunk'd premieres with host Jeannie Mai and judges (very well known to the Steampunk world) Thomas Willeford, Kate "Kato" Lambert and Matt King. The ten contestants can be found here. There are eight hour-long episodes of Steampunk'd, which continue next week in the Wednesday 9pm timeslot (at one a week). One of the contestants will win the $100,000 grand prize.

My pre-Steampunk'd review from Monday:

"This just doesn't look to be up GSN's alley. From the promos, there is way too much contestant fighting and arguing, which has been an issue with Skin Wars this season. Additionally, Steampunk'd is much dimmer and darker compared to the much brighter Skin Wars, Idiotest, The Chase, Chain Reaction and Family Feud. In 2015 with game shows, brighter and happier is better.
At least Skin Wars had/has Rebecca Romijn and RuPaul, who are very well known in society today. They can even be classified as A-Listers and B-Listers. Other judges Robin and Craig, not so much (but still serve well to Skin Wars). None of the three judges (Thomas Willeford, Kato, Matt King) are known very well and are Z-Listers, at very best. In fact, it's hard to do Google searches for all three of them. The host, Jeannie Mai, who is probably most famous, is just one of five women on The Real, which is one out of several daytime talk shows.

I don't think Steampunk'd is going to work out for GSN after this week. The premiere will probably be relatively strong since it follows Skin Wars, but after a few weeks when Skin Wars/Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is gone, Steampunk'd will not survive. Sort of like what happened to It Takes a Church without American Bible Challenge. Steampunk'd, after all, really is Bible/Church all over again. Unlike when GSN finally got around to airing It Takes a Church, GSN got the timing right this time around when premiering Steampunk'd while Skin Wars is still hot."

It will be interesting to see how Steampunk'd performs tonight. This has been somewhat of a long time in the making, since last November, and if this does well make sure to get ready for more art-based competition series. I am really thinking a tattoo-based art series could be next.

I praise GSN for actually getting a spinoff of one of their hit shows on time and scheduled correctly too. Love Triangle was a Baggage spinoff in early 2011 and GSN decided to schedule that between The Newlywed Game and Baggage, rather than the lead-out from Baggage. Then It Takes a Church came way after the peak of American Bible Challenge, mainly due to casting and production issues. Now, Skin Wars is hot and still at its peak as we know it.


  1. I think Steampunkd will fail. Because after tonight, it will not have a strong lead in. Maybe it might seeing how there is a Skin Wars spin-off special next week. But after that, what will its lead in be? I think GSN might have premiered this at the wrong time. I say this because the two shows looked great together if you think about it. I understand they put Idiotest at 10 pm to boost their numbers, which it did most of the time.

    Now this is like the Bible-Church deal. It Takes A Church got a second season because of decent numbers and it led out to Challenge. But when Challenge ended July of last year, ITAC didn't do so well in its last 2 episodes. Once the second season arrived this year, it didn't have Bible Challenge or a dependable lead in. And the show suffered big time, leading to its cancellation. With Steampunkd, it is paired with Skin Wars for one week, and then that is it. Maybe two if you count the spinoff episode. But after that, what will lead into Steampunkd? I imagine it would be a rerun of the episode from the previous week, or maybe a different original. I doubt Harvey Feud will air at 8 unless that rule where Feud reruns can't air against each other has been lifted. Here's what I would do, I would move Idiotest from 10 pm and put it back at 8 pm. Reason is because while the 10 pm show has been decent, the numbers for the 10:30 show have been terrible. And heck, for most of the summer, Idiotest benefited from a strong lead in like Skin Wars and maybe that show could benefit Steampunkd. That's what I would do.

    Then again, Skin Wars in its first season performed well without a lead in so maybe Steampunkd could do that as well. All I'm saying is this, if Steampunkd doesn't have a successful lead in, it will spell F-L-O-P.

  2. "I think GSN might have premiered this at the wrong time. I say this because the two shows looked great together if you think about it."

    I don't think for the Skin Wars and Steampunk'd viewers, the two would be great together. That might confuse viewers because they may have a hard time balancing the two shows together. It would kind of be like NBC airing The Voice and America's Got Talent back to back for months.

    Good thought, Adam, but I think both of them airing at once for weeks on end would actually hurt the shows and the competition aspect on the shows.

    1. True. Have you noticed Scott that no Harvey Feud promos have been shown ever since GSN updated their look? Yeah I mean the promos were the same and they were tiring, ( I got sick of the one where during it, some blonde lady kept shaking her big breasts at a black contestant) but it's their highest rated non original and I thought it would get ad time. Big Bang Theory reruns do great on TBS and they get ad time. Ain't that odd?

    2. All of GSN's ad airtime of their own probably goes towards their own originals, especially with five active (The Chase, Chain Reaction, Skin Wars, Steampunk'd and Idiotest) and Hellevator coming up. Within the past week, it has been almost all Skin Wars & Steampunk'd.

      I personally don't think Family Feud reruns need advertisement. They're nothing new to GSN and they air everywhere. When the new to GSN 2013-14 eps of Family Feud come along, then advertise those