Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'Skin Wars' semi-final; 'Idiotest' and 'Man Versus Fly' all new tonight on GSN

Tonight on GSN, the Skin Wars semi-final airs with contestants Aryn, Avi, Cheryl Ann and Lana. Three of these contestants will advance to next week's final. The semi-final of Skin Wars airs tonight at 9pm ET. Two new episodes of Idiotest will air after Skin Wars.

Also on Skin Wars tonight: Season 1 winner Natalie Fletcher serves as guest judge. story tonight besides the weekly Skin Wars and Idiotest episodes are the Man Versus Fly three minute shorts. These make it not just to the GSN airwaves for the first time, but the United States. GSN has acquired 50 three-minute episodes of Man Versus Fly from the UK. The first three air tonight during Skin Wars (sometime between 9-10:03pm ET), between new episodes of Idiotest (10:34-10:37pm ET) and after the second new episode of Idiotest (11:09-11:12pm ET). This means all Game Show Network programming from 10pm to 3am is shifted:

10:03pm: Idiotest (new)
10:34pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
10:38pm: Idiotest (new)
11:09pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
11:13pm: Family Feud
11:44pm: Family Feud 
12:15am: Skin Wars (same-night rerun); Man Versus Fly rerun airs within
1:18am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:22am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
1:53am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:57am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
2:28am: Baggage

So just like every other week, Skin Wars and two new episodes of Idiotest air NEW. This week, just with some timeslot adjustments.

Also notice at the end of Man Versus Fly commercials, it says "GSN Sports."

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