Thursday, August 20, 2015

Season 2 winner of 'Skin Wars' announced

Skin Wars ended its second season last night which means its second champion has been crowned. Who was it? Aryn, Avi or Lana.

Aryn Fox came in third place for the entire competition. Throughout this season, Aryn had placed in the bottom two once, was in the top 3 (or top 2) five times while winning the final challenge in the fourth episode of the season.

Lana Chromium, the Season 2 winner of Skin Wars
Lana Chromium is our Season 2 Skin Wars winner. Lana has won the $100,000 top prize, a trip to the World Body Painting Fair in Austria and her own Royal and Langnickel brush collection with her name on it. Throughout this season, Lana was in the bottom two twice (weeks four and five), was in the top three contestants pool five times and won two challenges before last night's grand finale.

Avi Ram came in second place. Throughout this season, Avi was never in bottom two, was in the top three (or top two) in seven of the ten weeks and won four of the end challenges (three challenges won in the last four episodes before the finale).

Natalie Fletcher won the first season of Skin Wars.


  1. Recorded this last night because we were at church. Planned to watch it tonight but no need now. THANKS!!

  2. who cares? people with fake names winning some show i didn't watch.