Sunday, August 2, 2015

Primetime Averages; Short Term GSN predictions

Since we do not have the weekly ratings published anymore slot by slot, we have been fortunate enough to receive ratings here and there from Douglas Pucci. This past Tuesday (7/28), Wednesday (7/29) and Thursday (7/30), we were provided with full primetime ratings (8-11pm ET). Here were the averages and how they rank for recent GSN standards:

Tuesday (Idiotest and Chain Reaction reruns, Family Feud): 311,000 total viewers; 87,000 18-49 viewers
Wednesday (Skin Wars rerun, New Skin Wars and New Idiotest): 347,000 total viewers; 135,000 18-49 viewers
Thursday (New episodes of The Chase and Chain Reaction; Family Feud): 595,000 total viewers; 145,000 18-49 viewers

Thursday night did very well. The Wednesday versus Thursday comparison in 18-49 and total viewers just shows how old GSN skews without young skewing shows like Skin Wars and Idiotest. It just goes to show that a jump in total viewers is not equal in 18-49 viewers and GSN is indeed old skewing.

Tuesday did not do all that bad. It's the rising GSN expectations with Family Feud, The Chase, Skin Wars, etc., that make Tuesday look awful when it's really not. It is a slump compared to the 450,000 to 500,000 total viewer primetime average the last two months, but big nights like Thursday are what puts nights like Tuesday to shame.
Jeannie Mai hosts Steampunk'd.
My short term GSN predictions for the month of August is that Skin Wars and The Chase will rise throughout the coming weeks. Idiotest and Chain Reaction will fluctuate like they have been but will follow in the footsteps of The Chase and Skin Wars by rising (since they are their lead-outs).

As for Steampunk'd, I see a mild debut after the Skin Wars finale but my confidence level is not too high for the remainder of the season. Some of the promos have too much contestant arguments (which has been the downer of Skin Wars this year). Steampunk'd looks darker and less lively than Skin Wars, which is not a good thing.

GSN always tends to do well in August. In August 2012, American Bible Challenge premiered huge. In August 2013, The Chase premiered well and rose by the end of August through the beginning of September. Last August, Skin Wars and Idiotest debuted very well while The Chase continued to stay high.

August is a very good time for cable: Summer is winding down and school gets back in session in the southern half of the country. This means, in a lot of cases, more folks are staying home and watching television and not staying out late. Also, network television's new shows do not start up until mid/late September. The next six weeks are a good time for GSN and have been for the past three years.


  1. Just got and posted a new GSN schedule for August 3-9. Idiotest is gone from Tuesday prime time. It's Chain Reaction and Harvey Feud for Tuesday prime.

    I haven't gotten any schedules beyond the August 3-9 week.

    1. That's strange. Chain Reaction reruns performed even poorly than Idiotest and they remove Idiotest. Maybe this past Thursday's episodes convinced them not to remove the reruns. So, is it Harvey Feud at 8 or 2 hrs of Chain Reaction?

    2. It's Chain Reaction at 8pm and 8:30pm, Harvey Feud at 9pm and 9:30pm on Tuesdays.

      I think this Tuesday primetime change is more of GSN reacting to both the new episode ratings for Idiotest and Chain Reaction from last Wednesday and Thursday. Much less of last Tuesday's numbers.