Thursday, August 13, 2015

'Man Versus Fly': What did we think? (and YouTube clips from last night)

GSN Man Versus Fly logo
For those who watched Man Versus Fly last night on GSN, what did we think?

Man Versus Fly surprised me a little bit. It was more entertaining and eye-catching than I thought it would be. I do get more of a thrill out of The Chase and Chain Reaction, but not bad for Man Versus Fly.

Overall for Man Versus Fly, 3 out of 5 stars. It's a little silly to watch and I don't know if I would tune into multiple episodes, but it doesn't make me turn away from GSN like Lie Detectors did either.

Now, can GSN turn this into a half hour series? If the feedback is relatively positive, they may go for it. There's really not much risk (and not too costly either).

One thing I liked about last night: Ben Gleib introducing the clips and the measurements in the background of the individual versus fly. For example, the human was '180 pounds' and the fly was '1 gram'.

For those who missed last night, here are the two YouTube clips:
Clip 1 (10:34pm ET)
Clip 2 (11:09pm ET)

More Man Versus Fly airs next Wednesday at 11pm ET after Steampunk'd.


  1. This housefly thing makes Lie Detectors look like a Nielsen smash. Not only did the segment itself stink up the ratings, it also hurt lead-out Idiotest. Don't look for the flies to live long and prosper on GSN.

  2. 3 out of 5 stars? Are you kidding? How about ZERO out of five stars.

    1. Man Versus Fly wasn't that awful. For a minute, it was entertaining. For just a minute though.

      The ratings don't agree with Man Versus Fly though and I agree with those ratings. That's about what Man Versus Fly deserved. Too bad it affected Idiotest negatively.

    2. Name the positives about Man vs. Fly. (You said it was entertaining for a minute, which means you enjoyed it for 1/4 of the segment's length.)

      Take your time.

    3. The actual battle was amusing and of course, silly. That's about all I enjoyed. Not too much special about anything else tied in with the clip

  3. And that's worth three stars?!

    If GSN wants to get anything from the UK, it should be their version of The Chase or, better yet, bring Pointless over here.

  4. So I guess Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett fails to "wet your appetite" anymore huh?


      Judging by the viewers, once Skin Wars ended, viewers jumped ship. They could have aired Man vs. Fly any other time, and the results could have been different. (7:50pm before Fast Money)

  5. I was really referring to The Chase BTW Anon.