Sunday, August 9, 2015

'Man Versus Fly': How I would have done it this Wednesday, three minute shorts of Man Versus Fly will air on GSN during Skin Wars, between the two new episodes of Idiotest and between the last new episode of Idiotest and Family Feud. The three minute shorts of Man Versus Fly do not cut out the typical three minute commercial breaks: They extended the commercial breaks to about 4 to 5 minutes (that means three minutes of Man Versus Fly and 1 to 2 minutes of commercials). This plays around with the schedule (and DVR users) come Wednesday night:

Wednesday 8/12 primetime and latenight schedule (All Times ET):
8:00pm: Skin Wars (rerun)
9:00pm: Skin Wars (new); an episode of Man Versus Fly airs within the Skin Wars episode
10:03pm: Idiotest (new)
10:34pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
10:38pm: Idiotest (new)
11:09pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
11:13pm: Family Feud
11:44pm: Family Feud 
12:15am: Skin Wars (same-night rerun); Man Versus Fly rerun airs within
1:18am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:22am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
1:53am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:57am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
2:28am: Baggage
3:00am: Skin Wars (same-night rerun)

This will throw people off, which will throw the ratings off and have a negative impact. What I would have done is one of three scenarios:

My Man Versus Fly Scenario 1 (only one three minute short):
9:00pm-10:03pm: Skin Wars (new) (with Man Versus Fly in the middle)
10:03pm-11:02pm: Idiotest (new)
11:02pm-11:31pm: Family Feud
11:31pm-12:00am: Family Feud 

My Man Versus Fly Scenario 2 (similar to August 19th minus Steampunk'd):
9:00pm: Skin Wars (new)
10:00pm: Idiotest (new)
10:30pm: Idiotest (new)
11:00pm-11:04pm: Man Versus Fly
11:04pm-11:30pm: Family Feud

My Man Versus Fly Scenario 3 (probably the best):
Just air them between Family Feud episodes on Monday, Tuesday and/or Friday night. I do not see the need for why GSN needs to move new originals around when there is much less risk.

I'm not over analyzing the Man Versus Fly aspect of this. I'm just not a fan of moving times around with shows when they do not air even close to the half-hour or hour mark. It's going to throw people off.


  1. They should air Man vs. Fly during Harvey evening airplay (6-8pm). Since that is considered a good timeslot with lots of viewers, GSN will get a good sample of how many people will actually tune out. Since it is only 3 minutes long, the segments should maintain most of the audience.

  2. What is with those weird timeslots? Is this GSN or TV Land?

  3. What is with those weird timeslots? Is this GSN or TV Land?

  4. What is with those weird timeslots? Is this GSN or TV Land?

  5. Sigh... see, what I would've done... is not commission a show like this in the first place. This is like what A&E does, intentionally starting shows at :03 or :33 past the hour, then your DVR cuts off the last few minutes or starts the recording too late because the TV Guide on the DVR doesn't sync with the actual recording time of the program. And for people who record later in the night because of recording conflicts as a result of only having 2-tuner DVRs because of stupid television providers who won't spend money on getting new whole-home receivers with 4 or 5 tuners, imagine the chaos that will ensue from that, Idiotest starting at 1:22 am or 1:57 am.

    Just to show you how outdated the Bell receiver technology happens to be, right now the description of the 1:22 Idiotest on the guide says "Wrestler v Fly" and the 1:57 Idiotest says "Girl in Leotard v Fly".

    I don't know which GSN decision was worse. Pulling MMC a day before the premiere, or commissioning a show like this, thinking it's entertainment.

    1. Seriously, I think this show is going to get the "Kenny vs. Spenny" treatment among GSN fans as they bash the hell out of this show until it becomes a zombie as they then shoot it dead with a shotgun.

    2. Why SHOULDN'T people bash it? It's stupid. It's an insult to people's intelligence. It deserves all the bashing it has coming to it.

    3. That's what I'm talking about dude, of course they have to!

      heck, I'm surprised that in 2004 nobody has complained about Spy TV airing on GSN in the past. sure Kenny vs. Spenny and Dancing with the Stars has been bashed in the past but nobody has bashed Spy TV being rerun on GSN in the past is pathetic and inexcusable.

  6. Don't forget the first episode that GSN aired of Kenny vs.Spenny featured the winner taking a smelly dump in front of the loser with the loser acting as the bathroom attendant.
    That was a Helluva way to start airing the show on GSN!

  7. also don't forget that Kenny vs. Spenny has also reran on Comedy Central in 2007 a well