Wednesday, August 19, 2015

'Man Versus Fly' airtimes for next week

Below are the Man Versus Fly airtimes for the week of August 24-30, if you're interested:

Monday 9:30pm (during Family Feud)
Monday latenight 2:00am (during Baggage)
Tuesday 8:30pm (during Chain Reaction)
Tuesday latenight 2:00am (during Baggage)
Wednesday 10:00pm (during a new episode of Idiotest)
Wednesday latenight 1:00am (during Idiotest)
Thursday 9:30pm (during a new episode of Chain Reaction)
Thursday 12:30am (during Chain Reaction)
Friday 8:30pm (during Chain Reaction)
Friday latenight 2:30pm (during Baggage On The Road)

All 3-minute clips air in the first commercial break of the show. There is no Man Versus Fly tonight after Steampunk'd, as originally planned, but a Man Versus Fly clip airs Friday at 2am sharp (then Baggage On The Road at 2:04am).

All Times ET


  1. Just got the first version of the August 31-September 6 schedule and posted it on the blog. The cover e-mail...

    Starting on Monday, August 31st, we will make the following changes to our daytime schedule:
    We will air Whammy!/Press Your Luck at 11:30am Monday through Friday, replacing Deal or No Deal.
    We will air Dog Eat Dog at 4:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, replacing Deal or No Deal. (Steampunk’d encores will continue to air in the Wednesday at 4:00pm timeslot.)

    On Monday, August 31st for this day only, we will air an encore of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint at 2:00am ET, replacing Baggage.

    On Wednesdays starting September 2nd and going forward, we will make the following changes to our Wednesday night schedule:
    We will air an encore of Steampunk’d at 8:00pm ET
    We will resume airing Family Feud at 11:00pm and 11:30pm ET

    On Fridays starting September 4th and going forward, we will make the following changes to our Friday night schedule:
    We will air Family Feud at 12:00am and 12:30am ET
    We will resume airing The Newlywed Game at 1:00am and 1:30am ET

    On Saturday, September 5th we will resume our normal schedule, airing Baggage at 2:00am and 2:30am ET

    On Sunday, September 6th we will resume our normal schedule, airing Family Feud (Karn) at 12:00pm and 12:30pm ET

    We will continue to air the interstitial series Man v Fly in various timeslots throughout the week. Starting on August 24th and going forward, Man v Fly bouts will always air in the first position of the first commercial break. An updated grid and advance schedule will be distributed once we have locked the Man v Fly schedule for the week of 8/31.

    1. If I had a dollar for every time the phrase 'we will' was uttered in that story. This is seriously the unedited version of what GSN sent out? Nice to see a qualified journalist was working that day.

    2. It's not a story for publication. It's just a review of the changes GSN is making in the schedule. There's no reason to write it up in clever prose.

  2. Dog Eat Dog is coming back? I thought that show was going be to long gone. Makes sense though, seeing how the host Brooke Burns did the show and she hosts The Chase (although I think Burns is way better on Chase than Dog Eat Dog) so that's a little surprising. Whammy gets 11:30 now, no surprise seeing how DOND didn't really match up with the show. Like it ain't gonna garner huge ratings anyway, more people watch that Drew Carey hosted game show on CBS at that time. Just came to me, GSN still has the rights to Dog Eat Dog until next year, so maybe the show needed a rest. Thankfully no Lie Detectors was spotted anywhere. Is Deal starting to fade out again? The NBC version still has all of its slots. The syndie version is not spotted. Then again, I think they only have the rights to the second and final season of the syndicated version. I haven't seen the first season in over a year. BTW Scott, Casey will not review Steampunkd because now he will only do game shows. It wouldn't matter anyway, seeing how if he completely obliterated Skin Wars, he was going to do the same to Steampunkd. I trust you'll be fair and honest when you review the show and who knows? The thing could have done better than we thought. Look at Skin Wars.

    1. How do you know I was going to obliterate anything? It's just that I can't review every reality show that comes along, whether it's on GSN or not. I have a tough enough time reviewing all the game shows.

    2. No problems. Didn't mean to sound harsh. It's just that reality shows are a dime a dozen on the broadcast and cable channels. I don't watch them, and I can't possibly review them all.

  3. "Dog Eat Dog is coming back?"

    This surprises me too. Probably the Brooke Burns effect. I think it would have been smarter to put a Catch 21 hour there.

    Deal or No Deal must be fading. Again.

    1. Catch 21 should have been there. Or even Woolery Lingo, but at this point, it might be gone for good. NBC Deal is still on there, but they are repeating the same two seasons over again. They probably have the rights to those only.