Sunday, August 16, 2015

GSN and social media

It's very interesting to compare social media followers and likes with ratings and viewership. Now that GameShowNetworkNews (GSNN for short, as some say) is on social media, let's take a look at the current GSN shows:

GSN show: Facebook likes/Twitter followers
The Chase: 36,278/22,700
Idiotest: 15,001/3,664
Skin Wars: 84,002/9,707
Steampunk'd: 10,327/313
Chain Reaction: 726/242
Hellevator: 2,030/277

First place for Twitter followers is The Chase. First place for Facebook is Skin Wars from all the originals above. Meanwhile, Steampunk'd and Hellevator are quite behind (but haven't premiered yet). Chain Reaction is very behind while it is the oldest-skewing GSN new primetime original in a normal week. If ratings equaled social media followers, Chain Reaction would be cancelled while The Chase and Skin Wars would each get about ten more seasons.

These two are interesting to compare:

GSN: 88,059/23,100
GSN Games: 155,326/10,200

GSN Games bests GSN big time on Facebook while the opposite occurs on Twitter.

Of course, don't forget to follow GSNN is on Twitter: It's all GSN talk there too!


  1. Whenever I check the GSN FB page, the fans are like rabid dogs. They want the old stuff like Hot Potato and Bumper Stumpers. It's too bad they're rerunning Feud Ad Infinitum to make money. Thankfully Buzzr is doing what GSN used to do. The channel is a few months in and despite repeats, it's not going nowhere. As far as CR goes, why is it weakest thinking they prefer the previous versions rather than today's version?

    1. "Whenever I check the GSN FB page, the fans are like rabid dogs."

      True, they are not fans of any of GSN's new shows including Skin Wars and The Chase (which just about everyone seems to be happy with The Chase).

      With Chain Reaction, I guess those are the people who like the "older is better".