Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fading Sherri

Starting tonight, The Newlywed Game gets cut back an hour in latenights. This means all of its slots are limited to Saturday early daytime, Monday latenights at 1am and 1:30am, and last, late late nights (7 nights a week).

It wasn't too long ago when Sherri's The Newlywed Game had multiple slots in primetime. Just at the end of 2014, "Sherriwed" had an hour on Monday nights, Thursday nights and two hours on Friday nights.

We do not have any ratings for The Newlywed Game or really any GSN shows other than those in Wednesday and Thursday primetime, but it can be easily seen that The Newlywed Game is waring thin. Either that, or how powerful Family Feud ratings are (since Family Feud expands another hour into latenights).

It's hard to believe it is going on four years since the last season, the sixth, of The Newlywed Game. I would say there is a very likely chance The Newlywed Game will be brought back again some day, probably by GSN. If not, in syndication. With or without Sherri Shepherd (probably without), I could see a revival doing well and lasting as long as the GSN version, if done right.

The Sherri/Jerry era for GSN ended in 2012 for the new runs, at least. The Sherri/Jerry era (which has existed since November 2010) for GSN altogether may be coming to a close completely by the end of next year unless one or the other gets revived.

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  1. Everything goes in cycles. I still miss 2009, when we had the Howie/Bob era, along with The Money List and 20Q. I still wonder why I can't find episodes of those anywhere... maybe no one recorded them? Granted, GSN didn't put them on a good night, but the shows themselves were actually done well. One-hour primetime, original GSN in-studio game shows. They haven't done that type of stuff in a long time.

    In other news, looks like MMC got renewed for a second season. That alone makes me happy. :D

  2. "One-hour primetime, original GSN in-studio game shows.They haven't done that type of stuff in a long time."

    What about The Chase? Even Idiotest and Chain Reaction are in primetime, just as half hour shows.

    About MMC, I just wish that would make it on to GSN in reruns (new runs for some people).

    1. Yeah, that's what I mean though. One-hour shows. Some people think a whole hour is too long, but I prefer that over half-hour games. Chase and I think Money List were adapted from UK formats. 20Q though, I'm sure it was a unique format that GSN created with Endemol. I miss those days...

      Still not sure why GSN pulled MMC... it has to be up in the top worst decisions they've made this year, along with Lie Detectors and Man vs. Fly.

      Oh, you know what would really help out... Family Game Night... That would make a real "Game Night" on Thursdays if GSN ever acquired it. I'd rather that over Hollywood Game Night, but that's just me.