Monday, August 31, 2015

Daytime schedule changes effective today (8/31)

Two daytime schedule shifts will occur starting today. Whammy! replaces Deal or No Deal at 11:30am ET and Dog Eat Dog replaces Deal or No Deal in the 4pm ET hour. This change is effective every weekday (except Steampunk'd reruns Wednesday at 4pm where Dog Eat Dog will be otherwise). Brooke Burns, current host of The Chase, was formerly the host of Dog Eat Dog in the early 2000's.

It is believed that these schedule changes are occurring because the rights to the syndicated Deal or No Deal have expired.


  1. Given that Dog Eat Dog only has 26 episodes, I can't see that lasting too long at 4:00 PM. They'll cycle through the entire series run pretty much every single month.

  2. just filler until october i expect more harvey feud (2013-14) and other fremantle leased classics by then

    1. I expect more Feud and nothing else.