Friday, August 7, 2015

August 17-23 GSN schedule now available

Courtesy of Game Show Network and posted at GameShowFollies by Casey Abell.

August 17-23

This is the week Steampunk'd premieres. No new episodes of Idiotest will air while all Idiotest reruns are only seen on weekends. In addition to changes with Steampunk'd reruns, Family Feud takes the 1am hour on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

*Man Versus Fly will rerun Monday latenight at 1am. The Newlywed Game will air from 1:04am-1:30am.
*On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Family Feud will air at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*Steampunk'd premieres Wednesday at 10pm; replacing Idiotest. Skin Wars still reruns at 12am; Steampunk'd will rerun at 1am.
*A new three-minute short of Man Versus Fly will air Wednesday at 11pm after Steampunk'd. Family Feud will air from 11:04pm-11:30pm. 
*The Chase and Chain Reaction continue their new episodes Thursday 8-10pm.
*Steampunk'd will rerun Friday at 11pm; replacing the Skin Wars rerun. Skin Wars will rerun at 12am Friday latenight; replacing Family Feud.
*Man Versus Fly will rerun Friday at 2am. Baggage On The Road will air from 2:04am-2:30am.
*Steampunk'd will rerun Saturday latenight at 1am; Skin Wars reruns at 2am.
*Steampunk'd will rerun Sunday at 1pm; replacing the Skin Wars rerun. Skin Wars will rerun at 2pm; replacing Baggage On The Road.

All Times ET 


  1. The Republican debate was watched by 24 million people. Looks like Chain Reaction is going to get hit. I think it will do well.

  2. what does the republican debate and this schedule above have in common? crap i will never watch… well along with negro ff

    1. Hulk Hogan, is that you?