Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 10-16 advanced schedule: 'Man Versus Fly' arrives

Courtesy of GSN; posted at GameShowFollies by Casey Abell.

August 10-16

There are no major schedule changes for this week. All runs of Skin Wars, Idiotest, The Chase and Chain Reaction stay intact. However, three-minute Man Versus Fly shorts will air during Skin Wars then between and after the new episodes of Idiotest starting Wednesday, August 12th. There will be three new episodes of Man Versus Fly this week, all on Wednesday night between new episodes of Skin Wars and Idiotest.

Wednesday 8/12 primetime and latenight schedule (All Times ET):
8:00pm: Skin Wars (rerun)
9:00pm: Skin Wars (new); an episode of Man Versus Fly airs within the Skin Wars episode
10:03pm: Idiotest (new)
10:34pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
10:38pm: Idiotest (new)
11:09pm: Man Versus Fly (new)
11:13pm: Family Feud
11:44pm: Family Feud 
12:15am: Skin Wars (same-night rerun); Man Versus Fly rerun airs within
1:18am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:22am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
1:53am: Man Versus Fly (same-night rerun)
1:57am: Idiotest (same-night rerun)
2:28am: Baggage
3:00am: Skin Wars (same-night rerun)

Man Versus Fly reruns:
*Friday latenight at 1am; The Newlywed Game will air from 1:03am-1:30am
*Saturday latenight at 2am; Baggage airs from 2:03am-2:30am.

Skin Wars related: Season 1 winner Natalie Fletcher will guest judge August 12th (one week from tonight).

For a brief history of Man Versus Fly, the series first came upon us in the 2015 GSN upfronts. Fifty three-minute episodes were acquired and the series was expected to be put in development for half-hour episodes. However, nothing has come up with this (no casting calls, no pilot).

During the Skin Wars season premiere on June 10th, it was made official that Man Versus Fly would come to the schedule, along with Steampunk'd, in short advertisements.

If anything, this Man Versus Fly seems to be the new Lie Detectors: GSN is a burning a show off in a prime slot, endangering other shows and not airing too many reruns. Man Versus Fly will probably be a one-week only thing and GSN is giving it a test. The following week is the Skin Wars finale/Steampunk'd premiere, and I doubt GSN will mess with that. Now I think we know why the August 10-16 schedule took so long to get out.

John Mate and Pat Cowell are the "hosts" of Man Versus Fly. You cannot find them on Google.


  1. Well, looks like we have to adjust our DVRs, again.

  2. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 5, 2015 at 9:37 PM

    I think Man vs. 'His Zipper' is goofy enough to get some attention. No I wouldn't watch it for 30 minutes, but in small doses this crazy thing could 'fly'.

  3. this show and title already has F-A-I-L-U-R-E written all over it, Hey Game Show Garbage I hope you're ready to bash the f*cking hell out of this series because this one is a doozy

  4. I didn't know where to put this, so here it is. Just checked this evening on Buzzr and they are once again cycling through Tattletales w/ the game show hosts. I believe this is the third time around for these. Also, consider they run the Tattletales hour at least 3 times a day so each ep has been on their channel 432 times, or at least it seems like it.

    1. FremantleMedia doesn't give a damn about Mark Goodson and Bill Todman!

    2. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 6, 2015 at 9:48 AM

      Honestly it looks like they don't give a damn about running a network. They've had Buzzr up and running for 2+ months and I'm guessing no series has gotten past 40 eps(I'm thinking I've noticed the same 4 weeks of Tattletales over & over & over). Keep in mind this network double runs almost every show, then airs the double run again later in the day and in some cases again the next morning. In a 24 hr. period you could see the same Tattletales hour 3 times. I've seen the comment that they are doing a soft start up, but after 9 weeks they're alienating what viewers they currently have. Why keep reverting back to eps just played a few weeks ago and hoping a handful of new viewers come on board? I was gung-ho for Buzzr but now that excitement has long passed.

    3. You now what's really strange about this, if this network is clearly supposed to be about "game shows" 24/7, then why are they airing Monster House, Monster Garage, Animal Rescue, Dog Tales and Stanley on the Go?

      I swear It feels like Fremantle as a whole is giving us the middle finger here, you know what I mean?

      at least Game Show Network never did this crap when they've launched in 1994.

    4. Are those Paid Programming titles or actual shows?

      Sorry, I don't receive Buzzr.

    5. Actual shows, Scott.

      Monster House aired on Discover Channel from 2003 until 2006

      Monster Garage also aired on Discover Channel from 2002 until 2006

      Animal Rescue airs in syndication sine 2007.

      Dog Takes also airs in syndication since 2007.

      Stanley on the Go (hosted b Stanley Siegel) airs on RLTV since 2010.

      also I don't get Buzzr as well, Scott.

    6. I'll have to side with Buzzr regarding these shows. First, they've already dropped the Monster shows, as they never fit and obviously viewership was next to zero. The other shows are must carry under the E/I requirements for educational programming on all networks. I complain about constant reruns, but at least they aren't doing paid programming. And speaking of paid, in our TV market if you received only over the air locals, your choice on weekends overnight would be 90% paid. From 1-6 a.m. every channel except one truly independent only broadcast paid. You'd think they toss in a few dollars for a rerun of Gomer Pyle to entertain those who are up.

    7. Who would put reality shows on a game show channel? Dumb decision to begin with. I don't receive Buzzr, but now I am glad. GSN's paid programing ain't that bad, I still think on weekends that the schedule should start at 8 instead of 9 am. If Buzzr is just repeating the same episodes of the same shoe over and over again, those are the only episodes I guess they have. I don't know if it's some sort of money they have to pay to acquire new episodes of different shows.

    8. Monster House and Monster Garage have been removed from Sundays and completely off the lineup. Replaced with B&W unedited TTTT followed by WML and then IGAS.

      The other shows named are E/I requirements.

    9. "Who would put reality shows on a game show channel?"

      Yeah this kind of sadistic trickery from Buzzr makes you ask out loud


    10. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 7, 2015 at 8:01 AM

      Good to see you read my comments. I might as well delete mine because the one above says the exact same thing. WOW!! And Alex, you actually like the paid programming on GSN? I get tired of boner pills and info on how I can buy a shack, paint it and then sell it for $100k. But maybe that's why they run these shows. Someone has to spend money on that crap.

    11. Stop bad mouthing people who love shows from our little genre.

    12. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 7, 2015 at 9:55 AM

      How is this bad mouthing people. I asked if he really liked watching PAID programming, not game shows. And don't think you're hiding behind that anonymous name tag Casey. The 'our little genre' has grown quite old. Casey, if you really want out of here, just say the word. I'm tired of constantly fighting w/ you. The 2 months I was away had no negative effect on my life so it's your call.

    13. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 7, 2015 at 9:56 AM

      should say..."if you want 'ME' out of here"...

    14. well Tammy, even though the official television channel is bad, it's Youtube channel is even worst.

      with four cheaply made revivals of G-T shows (FF, PW, BTC, BL) heck they even made their piss poor version of Celebrity Name Game and that hasn't even had a long-run in syndication yet.

      Even though I've never bothered watching the YT version of the channel and never will, what's your thoughts about it Tammy?

    15. Tammy Cox-BlockerAugust 7, 2015 at 8:18 PM

      I've never watched it either, but some clips I've seen make it look like they are going on the cheap. Maybe that's what they want, so we'll wait and see.

    16. well again the YT version is mostly trying to attract the YT crowd/new millennials instead of the Old school/die hard game show fans anyway.

      Sorry, I just wanted to ask

  5. Our little genre deserves better than a man vs fly show.

  6. Man vs Fly sounds like a cheesy bad made-for-TV movie for the Syfy Channel than a game show for GSN

  7. Keep on mind everyone, these three minute episodes of Man Versus Fly are ACQUIRED by GSN, it is not a GSN original.

    1. Agreed Scott, but no matter how you slice it still sound stupid.

  8. If you want a small sample of these interstitials from Britain's Sun newspaper, try this...

    Despite some overblown rhetoric in this post, I don't think the interstitials will mean much one way or the other. Endangering other shows? Come on. It's just a slightly extended commercial break. Sort of like GSN Live, those afternoon interstitials from a while back.