Saturday, August 8, 2015

A timeslot GSN is WASTING

Week after week after week after week, it appears the highest rated multi-hour block of programming of the entire week is Steve Harvey's Family Feud on Sunday nights from 6-11pm ET. As it is, Family Feud is the highest rated show on GSN around the clock. So why is GSN wasting the lead out to this highly rated block on 3 to 5 year old episodes of Baggage?

This is just a suggestion post by me, but GSN should use that time, the 11pm hour on Sundays, to air and promote one of their current originals: The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars or Chain Reaction. Reruns of such originals like Skin Wars have not worked in the middle of the Sunday primetime Family Feud block, but serving as lead-out would benefit one of these GSN originals. Then you air Baggage and The Newlywed Game to 4am.

Heading in to the Fall, I would air Chain Reaction (Catherwood) at 11pm ET. Chain Reaction reruns already air at 1am ET in the latenight hours of Sunday, but why not move the Catherwood episodes up? It would be smart to give Chain Reaction more promotion.

It is just the fact that Baggage from 2010-12 makes no sense there right now.


  1. At this point, the Baggage reruns must be fading out in ratings, but they must still be popular. I would put The Chase or Skin Wars at that time.

    1. I think The Newlywed Game is fading before Baggage, looking at the slots that have been taken away from Sherriwed in the past months.

  2. Guys this maybe off topic and I do apologize for it, but why does anybody from Feud or Fremantle though Joey Fatone would be a great choice for an announcer for the show?

    HE SUCKS!!!!!

    also why does this version of Feud after the 2nd question it goes to one freaking commercial as it then comes back after its first and only commercial?

    is this indicating that African American's are the laziest people ever or something?

    again not trying to be racist or anything of course.