Sunday, July 19, 2015

Your choice: The 11am hour

The current shows that occupy the 11am hour on the GSN weekday schedule, Whammy! and Deal or No Deal are not favorites among classic game shows fans and in the ratings too.

Here are the results on the two sidebar polls:
Super Password wins in both half hour slots, taking a heavy majority of the seven options. The $100,000 Pyramid was a close second. Not a lot of you voters were fans of a double run of Whammy! 


  1. I'd take $100K Pyramid in the 11:00 slot, but only if it was the 1985-1986 season, which hasn't been seen regularly on GSN in about 15 years.

  2. GSN Network run a poll card sharks Jim Perry or sale of the century at 10:00 A.M. M-F

  3. I Want Sale of the Century back on the GSN Network M-F ASAP NO EXCEPTIONS i want to see Sale of the Century

    1. Which of the first 9,000 similar statements that you've made do you think we didn't hear? By the way, I understand that Sale of the Century and Scrabble are not on the 8/1/15 schedule as you promised here and elsewhere. I like SOTC, too, but we've gone from annoying to borderline psychotic with your persistence on these boards. Call talk radio shows and let them know your demands, instead.

    2. They should just air a blank screen telling viewers to watch TPiR on CBS instead. In exchange, GSN gets the same-day replay of TPiR and airs it at 8pm eastern thus a win-win for both networks.

    3. Yes, Lexie, you got one fan blog to buy into your $ale pipe dream, but it's time to take the announcement off your YouTube channel and face facts. Bumming ones, I agree, but facts nonetheless. Glad you put the eps that did air back up, though.

      Anyway, this was one poll recently I didn't vote on. It's a tough decision. I like Whammy, and my 2-year old is figuring out PYL, so it fits. And it deserves to be somewhere on GSN's sked, but I can understand why this timeslot might not quite fit. As for the other choices, Deal was definitely out, and I get Super but I actually liked Plus better. Faster moving and that such. But between that, Lingo and Pyramid, too tough to call.