Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tonight on GSN: 'Skin Wars' with guest judge Carson Kressley; 'Steampunk'd' preview; 'Idiotest' NEW is a very big night for GSN. First at 8pm ET, Skin Wars will rerun from last week. At 9pm, a new episode of Skin Wars will air. Carson Kressley will join RuPaul Charles, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy as guest judge. In this episode of Skin Wars, artists will paint "Steampunk" designs. A two-minute preview of upcoming GSN series Steampunk'd will air during tonight's Skin Wars episode. Steampunk'd will premiere four weeks from tonight after the Season 2 Skin Wars finale.

Idiotest will air new at 10:02pm and 10:32pm. The two minute delay is from the Steampunk'd preview.


  1. goody all the fruit cakes are on. just need bruce jenner and you could have every freak covered

  2. Just seen this ep. What is up with Rebecca's boobs at the end of the episode! Can't even say their lop sided, ones where it should be,the other is sitting up on her shoulder like a parrot!