Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tobin Bell to guest judge NEW 'Skin Wars' tonight; 'Idiotest' NEW tonight on Game Show Network are two new hours of originals Skin Wars and Idiotest.

At 9pm ET, actor Tobin Bell joins Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina and RuPaul as guest judge on Skin Wars. In tonight's episode, the eight remaining contestants will create horrifying designs on their models as tensions between the contestants build. Hellevator tie in, anyone?

Back to back new episodes of Idiotest will air at 10pm ET. In a baseball rivalry, New York Yankees fans will face off against Boston Red Sox fans.


  1. If you're looking for the thread w/ diarrhea discussion, go to the blog about Chris Harrison and new Millionaire about 6 stories back. You are welcome.

  2. i hate both new yorkers and boston people. would have thought they would have learned to be nicer after 9/11. ill pass on those shows along with the bruce jenner skin wars episode.

    1. That's Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce is no longer w/ us. And thanks for the diarrhea update. I saw it was viral earlier today and couldn't find it on here. I laugh at funny stuff like that. Keep it coming(out your butt). HA!!