Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Steampunk'd' preview review
Steampunk'd Season 1 contestants and host Jeannie Mai
Game Show Network aired a 2-minute preview of upcoming series Steampunk'd during last night's Steampunk-themed Skin Wars episode. The preview aired mid-episode.

Steampunk'd is very similar to Skin Wars. On Steampunk'd at the start, ten contestants compete. Each week, the contestants are divided up into two teams. There will be a winning team and a losing team. Only one group will make it into the "manor" which holds all the winning contestants. The top two "makers" of the episode will be team captains the following week. One painter on the losing team will go home.

Two of the three judges were introduced in the clip: Thomas Willeford and Kato (for some reason, Matt King was not). All three judges were seen throughout the two minute clip. Willeford seems like the tough judge who shows up very decorated with Steampunk designs. Kato is the flashy judge while Matt King looks very professional, always in very nice clothes.

The challenges in Steampunk'd have to do with turning normal rooms into Steampunk fashion by design and building. Steampunk'd definitely looks darker than Skin Wars. Just the set and everything from the preview.

We'll see how Steampunk'd performs and if GSN can bottle the Skin Wars magic into this. Remember, it's a battle of blood, sweat and gears!

Steampunk'd premieres Wednesday, August 19th at 10pm ET.

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