Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Schedule change 7/14: 'Idiotest' replaces 'The Chase'

According to the GSN Online Schedule, Idiotest reruns will replace The Chase at 8pm ET starting Tuesday, July 14th. Family Feud will take the former Idiotest timeslot at 10pm ET.


  1. That's on the pdf I posted for July 13-19. A much more interesting change for the week of July 20-26 occurs at 3:30 PM on Thursday. Check it out!

    1. Before I even look......Catherwood Chain Reaction?

    2. Okay so it is Catherwood Chain Reaction. What is so interesting about that?

      Thursdays at 3:30pm ET only, for everyone else. Repeat of one of the premiere episodes. The Lane version remains for all nine other airings.

    3. Are you kidding? It's very unusual for GSN to run completely different versions of an original back-to-back. It would be like regularly scheduling Carniewed directly after Sherriwed, or back-to-back runs of Engvall and Woolery Lingo.

      What it says is that GSN is pretty confident in Catherwood's version. They're not afraid of compare and contrast to the Lane version.

    4. From that perspective, it is a big change, Casey. I am not surprised at all that GSN would sneak Chain Reaction into the afternoon lIke they have with Skin Wars on the same date as its new episode. It's also a very smart idea for GSN to start out with the Lane version at 3pm instead of back to back Catherwood.

    5. I thought The Chase aired in reruns on Mondays earlier this year. Still, good to see the show get some rerun exposure since new episodes are returning. I just thought of this, when Idiotest wraps up its second season, the show will have 105 episodes. I guess it could have a spot on the weekday schedule.

    6. I have suggested for Idiotest to have a permanet slot, Monday-Friday GSN weekdays, but if GSN has not done that with The Chase yet in one of many Family Feud or Deal or No Deal slots weekday afternoons, then I do not see Idiotest happening anyday soon.

      But great suggestion.