Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ratings 7/12: 'Family Feud'

Source: Douglas Pucci

Sunday 7/12 (All Times ET; in total viewers):
6:00pm: 439K
6:30pm: 537K (+22% from lead-in)
7:00pm: 640K (+19%)
7:30pm: 662K (+2%)
8:00pm: 607K (-8%)
8:30pm: 579K (-5%)
9:00pm: 719K (+24%)
9:30pm: 746K (+4%)
10:00pm: 640K (-14%)
10:30pm: 662K (+3%)
Primetime average: 659K
5-hour average: 623K

A very strong night for Family Feud overall, especially in the last two hours. There was a small bump in the 8pm hour, where Celebrity Family Feud aired on ABC, but nothing alarming or a cause for concern.

Also note: The 7pm and 10pm hours had the exact same viewers and rise to 7:30pm and 10:30pm.


  1. Moving Skin Wars was the right thing. Oh yeah for the Idiotest Baseball edition, I liked that. Appropriate for All Star Week.

    1. I will be very curious if the ESPY's and Caitlin Jenner's award presentation and speech (10:18pm to 10:45pm ET with no commercial interruptions) took a bite out if Idiotest.

      But the ESPY's only got about 7 million viewers. Impressive, but not huge like some other award shows.

  2. I think Idiotest will be decent. I skipped the show to watch the ESPYs, but that award ceremony doesn't put up Oscars numbers. Look at the Family Feud airings on GSN this past Sunday from 8 to 9 pm. It did well despite going up against ABC Feud. I have some faith in Idiotest. Besides, I think the only reason why people tuned in the ESPYs was to see the Caitlyn Jenner part of the show IMO because it made huge headlines in April. But, not bad numbers for ABC's first year airing it. Idiotest should do hopefully well.

    BTW, I saw your ratings predictions for The Chase and Chain Reaction. I think The Chase will return lower because it could be the night change. Then again, Idiotest moved to Wednesdays back in January and is performing well there. So it's 50/50. I will say with Chain Reaction, I will predict at least 500,000 to 505,000 viewers. But the million dollar question is there, how will it fare in its 3:30 slot today? Lie Detectors bombed in the 6:30 slot, but I guess GSN hasn't learned to stop putting originals at a earlier timeslot instead of primetime, where they do their best work.

    1. GSN is just putting a new run of Chain Reaction in afternoons once it looks like, and that one time is today. They're not planning to air Chain Reaction each weekday before primetime foe eight weeks like they wanted to with Lie Detectors (speaking of, when and where is GSN going to burn off the remaining 22 episodes of Lie Detectors?)

      Who really knows yet how The Chase will do. I have The Chase performing better for this summer's premiere better than last summer (494K on 7/8/2014). I also think Chain Reaction will drop from The Chase.

    2. They should have just stuck it in late night for at least 2 weeks and burn it off already. At least Mind Of A Man aired its full season without breaks.

    3. I don't see why GSN did not do that with Lie Detectors, but on the other hand, their latenight numbers have been strong with their Harvey Feud, Newlywed Game and Baggage lineup. Therefore, they probably don't want to ruin that.

      The remaining 22 episodes of Lie Detectors have to air somewhere eventually. At this point it's best if GSN just releases them online or YouTube.