Friday, July 24, 2015

Last night on GSN (7/23): Amazing episode of 'The Chase', bad contestants on 'Chain Reaction'

Here is my review of last night's The Chase and Chain Reaction (July 23rd) on GSN (with spoilers):

Without a contestant grand prize won from either show, The Chase had one of its best episodes yet. The three contestants racked up $100,000 and achieved 22 steps in the Final Chase. It was one of the most exciting episodes of The Chase here in the U.S. yet.

Chain Reaction let me down this week on the contestants aspect. There were definitely some BAD contestants this week, almost on the scale of the Lane version. Several chains could have been solved a lot quicker. Remember, if you want a GSN show with smart contestants, go to The Chase (which GSN has done a great job with). The Chain Reaction contestants last night, especially on the themed episode with couch potatoes versus gym rats, were just bad at times.

Still for Chain Reaction, a better show than the Lane version. Better host, better end game and better, brighter set. This version of Chain Reaction definitely deserves more than just this one season. We just NEED better contestants.

Thoughts from anyone who watched either show last night?

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