Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If 'Chain Reaction' succeeds/fails Reaction looks to be the first successful GSN revival since 2009, although it has not been tested yet. The main reason it looks like Chain Reaction will be successful, at least successful enough to get a second season, is due to the fact that the rerun ratings from the 2000's version are high in mid-afternoons and have been for years. The same applied for Lingo, and that revival did not work out.

There have been five failed revivals since the last successful revival, The Newlywed Game, which started in 2009 and went six seasons with two hosts through 2013. The Newlywed Game is also the GSN original with the most episodes, 430.

1 vs. 100, Lingo, The Pyramid, Minute to Win It and Baggage On The Road were the revivals since 2010 that have not worked out for GSN. However,  those were all slight successes for GSN, given their new episode ratings were not all that bad, where one and done originals like Family Trade and Lie Detectors were. Also, the ever-lasting reruns for the one and done revivals were effective, especially Lingo and The Pyramid.

Chain Reaction will only be defined as a success if it gets a second season. It cannot be just another one and done like all the others and last forever in reruns. That is, reruns that sometimes perform better than the new runs.

The idea for a Chain Reaction revival was first tipped off in August 2011 throughout the game show community. At that point for years already, Chain Reaction had been proving successful in afternoon reruns at 2:30pm ET. In August 2011, Chain Reaction had been moved to 3:30pm and continued to produce stronger numbers there.

If Chain Reaction succeeds, I can see GSN stick to word association games while still producing competition series like Skin Wars and Steampunk'd. With a successful Chain Reaction this summer and beyond, I can see GSN reviving a few more old favorites like Whammy! and The Newlywed Game. Seriously, I think they are up next for revival in the next few years.

If Chain Reaction does not succeed, I really do not know what will happen and I am not sure if I have to come up with a scenario here. I do not think this will be the case, given the premise, lead-in and high numbers for the network lately. With another revival failure, you can bet GSN will pour its heart and soul into Steampunk'd, Hellevator and all other non-studio based game shows.

Go Chain Reaction! One week from tomorrow, July 16th 9pm ET.

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