Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GSN's failed revivals: Which should have had a second season?

On a recent sidebar poll, I asked which one failed GSN revival over the past five years should have been given a second run. The results surprised me big time and out of 1 vs. 100, Lingo, The Pyramid, Minute to Win It and Baggage On The Road.

The Pyramid by far came in first with 43% of the vote. Lingo had 21% in second place, 1 vs. 100 with 15%, Baggage On The Road with 11% and Minute to Win It with 10%.

Although The Pyramid may have been the biggest "copy cat" revival of the original version out of all the above revivals, it was not the highest rated and definitely not my personal favorite. Although I enjoyed The Pyramid three years ago now, I don't believe it deserved a second season. 

Lingo, out of all these was probably the most well-done revival and ratings-wise, definitely deserved a second season. Before all these GSN revivals the past five years, Lingo with Chuck Woolery should have never been canceled in 2007 (like Chain Reaction). However then, I think Chuck just about had all the Lingo he could have taken and the show would have needed a new host.

So Lingo in 2011 should have been renewed first, then 1 vs. 100 second and The Pyramid with a close third. Minute to Win It a distant fourth (but GSN ordered too many episodes for its first season) and Baggage On The Road in last but not dead last (BOTR didn't necessarily bomb, it just had the least effort of all five).

All this goes on while we wait out if Chain Reaction will grab that second season and become Game Show Network's first revival to get a second season since The Newlywed Game. The new Chain Reaction has not had blow out ratings but is definitely not a dud either. It's only been two weeks, but let's hope Chain Reaction can break this streak of non-renewed revivals and it doesn't join the five above in a poll someday. 


  1. I liked the 2011 Lingo. Sure it had Harvey Feud like wordplay, but it was enjoyable. And I thought it put up decent numbers. I thought The Pyramid wasn't bad, but it wasn't of my favorites.

    1. But the 2011 had Bill Engvall. He was awful. Annoying, and he had a lisp!

  2. See, my logic is that Pyramid is the kind of game that you have to give a two-season investment to, mostly because of the celebrities. Only Melissa Peterman ever played the game before, and she was still 9 years removed. You need the first season to weed out your best celebs (we know who definitely WASN'T), bring 'em back for Season 2 and flush in new faces, who now have had a chance to watch and get comfortable quicker. That's how classic Pyramid made it work, and I fully believe this Pyramid could have done it, too.

    Minute to Win It, also very faithful, but too faithful in that they kept the bad commercial break tactics of the original in place. That was my biggest turnoff.

    Lingo, even with the goofy clues, still Lingo. I enjoyed.

  3. The Pyramid is a Really Good GSN Revival. I can't believe they cancelled it. Minute to Win It is also good. I think the hosting was pretty good. I'm was so sad that it got cancelled. With Minute to Win It Cancelled, The Chase and Idiotest are now my favorite GSN shows.