Thursday, July 16, 2015

GSN tonight: 'The Chase' and 'Chain Reaction'

Two big GSN premieres tonight! at 8pm ET, The Chase returns after a four month hiatus. Episodes resume for Season 4 and thirteen episodes remain from this season. Brooke Burns hosts and Mark Labbett returns as "The Beast."

At 9pm ET are back to back episodes of Chain Reaction. Mike Catherwood hosts. For those who love the afternoon version, you should love this new version too. Chain Reaction really looks to be a show that will work for GSN yet again.

This time around, there are teams of two on Chain Reaction. Similar to Idiotest, the teams face off may have a rivalry or will be introduced through loose themes, for example, as "brothers" versus "roommates".

Season or series premiere for Chain Reaction? Series, since it is a revival and a new version.

Ratings predictions (7/16):
8:00pm The Chase (new): 516,000 total viewers; 148,000 18-49 viewers
9:00pm Chain Reaction (new): 484,000 total viewers; 116,000 18-49 viewers
9:30pm Chain Reaction (new): 454,000 total viewers; 118,000 18-49 viewers


  1. Tonight's a big night for the network and a Helluva way they are starting the day....

    They started Match Game with a black screen but kept their ad on the top right. Show finally started a few minutes late. They left the ratings bug up and then abruptly cut into commercial while in the middle of game play followed by long commercial break.

  2. From the previews, I like having the two player teams (and can be any gender combo) better than three (and all had to be the same gender). I also didn't like the bonus round of the Lane version. It had nothing to do with the main game. Since teams had 7 seconds to do speed chains, I would do ten speed chains in 60 seconds, $100 for each, $10,000 for all ten.