Sunday, July 12, 2015

GSN summer successes do current GSN originals The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars and former originals American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church have in common? They were all launched in the summer months and all got second seasons.

Take note, four out of five were August launches.

Those have been the only originals in the Amy Introcaso-Davis (who is a GSN programming boss) era to get second seasons.

Not to leave out, summer launches like The Pyramid, Minute to Win It and Beat the Chefs did not achieve their own second seasons.

Meanwhile, since Baggage in April 2010, GSN has not renewed a new original that has not premiered in the summer months.

Chain Reaction (Thursday 9pm ET) and Steampunk'd (August 19th 10pm ET) could very well follow this path. Not just because they are launching in the summer but because Chain Reaction and Steampunk'd are both two originals that will fit in with the GSN audience. However, they will both fit in with the GSN audience on two different wavelengths (Steampunk'd getting the Skin Wars audience and Chain Reaction getting The Chase/Idiotest crowd as well as the Lane version viewers).

Not to say Hellevator will not be successful this Fall. From the looks of it, it will be. Hellevator is coming this Fall and probably around Halloween, a more appropriate time than summer.

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