Thursday, July 30, 2015

GSN press release: July 2015 most watched month ever in primetime

In a press release published by Game Show Network today, July 2015 for GSN marks the most viewed month ever in primetime and total viewers in its 21-year history.

The press release also reports that GSN has had their highest rated month ever in their key demo, Women 25-54.

According to GSN in the television month of July (June 29-July 26), the network averaged 463,000 total viewers and 86,000 Women 25-54 viewers.

GSN credits their success to their four current originals, The Chase, Chain Reaction, Skin Wars and Idiotest. However, no mention of Family Feud, which is what really powers the network.

GSN's current primetime makeup:
Family Feud: 11 hours (all the 2012-13 season, the newest available to GSN).
Idiotest: 3 hours
Chain Reaction (Catherwood): 3 hours
Skin Wars: 2 hours
The Chase: 2 hours

GSN primetime/total day averages by week:
June 29-July 5: 453,000/364,000
July 6-12: 474,000/357,000
July 13-19: 482,000/348,000
July 20-26: 450,000/324,000


  1. Since just under half of prime time and much more than half of total day is other shows besides Harvey Feud, it's obvious that those other shows are also pulling their weight. The supposedly "poor" ratings for some runs of the other shows don't look so poor at all compared to the network's historical standards. Not long ago - 2007, for instance - GSN was averaging around 250K viewers in prime time.

    Also, it's a quibble, but the press release says that prime time set a record for any month, while total day only set a record for the month for July. Any way you cut it, GSN had a very nice month.

    1. "....while total day only set a record for the month for July. Any way you cut it, GSN had a very nice month."

      Total day was probably the highest in one of the winter months, particularly January. Just my guess.

      Someone doesn't like Skin Wars, do they not? When ratings come out, you leave out Skin Wars (on the sidebar) and in the press release faux tweet, you leave out Skin Wars too. Not a fan?