Thursday, July 2, 2015

GSN in 2015 first half: A recap

The first half of 2015 for our Game Show Network has definitely had its ups and downs from originals to scheduling. Here are the highlights and grading:

Cancelled series

Three series have already aired, left and have been cancelled by GSN in the past six months. Baggage On The Road and It Takes a Church should be on the higher end of the grade, at least with a C (the best you can get for how to handle a cancelled show) and neither lingered long after their new runs, like Improv, Love Triangle and Mind of a Man did. Lie Detectors was just a complete failure; in fact, one of the worst failures in GSN history.

Grade: D-

Monopoly Millionaires' Club

Never aired and pulled a day before it was suppose to. Big mess up on GSN's part.

Grade: F

Returning originals

The Chase, Idiotest and Skin Wars have all put up phenomenal numbers for GSN. However, was it really necessary for GSN to give The Chase a four month hiatus? That knocks the grade down a little.

Grade: A-

Morning lineup modernized, then de-modernized

This year started out with three hours of pre-1990's, then cutback to two (and even one and a half for one week with John O'Hurley Family Feud at 8am-remember that?) and then back to three. From the morning schedule at the beginning to now, all that flipped was Card Sharks replacing Sale of the Century at 10am (plus, the addition of Whammy! at 11am). GSN adding Catch 21 and Family Feud from 2009-10 to early mornings was just their attempt at doing what they really wanting to do: Get rid of the older shows.

Grade: C

New series

Cannot complain too much about Chain Reaction. It's a pure game show that just about everyone wants to see revived. Hellevator is something completely new while Steampunk'd is pleasing the Skin Wars crowd. Both Chain Reaction and Steampunk'd are both given smart timeslots, too.

Grade: A- (for now, but really to be decided in the long term)

High ratings

Hats off to GSN this year this far. Primetime and total day averages are way up year to year. June was a hot month for GSN and the first four out of five months this year were the highest in total viewers ever. 

Grade: A+

Schedule changes (each change graded)

John O'Hurley Family Feud leaves Monday nights for the first time in three years (A); Love Triangle leaves the schedule (finally) (A+); Baggage On The Road adjusted to a later timeslot for new runs (A+); Shop 'Til You Drop and Catch 21 to mornings (D); The Newlywed Game getting a permanet timeslot in latenights (A+); Let's Ask America leaving the schedule (B-); Karn and O'Hurley Feud to Sunday afternoons (C+); Lie Detectors taking Harvey Feud at 6:30pm then leaving after one week (F); Lie Detectors in Saturday latenights and Wednesday post-Idiotest during May only (D-); Baggage On The Road pushed to a solo Friday 2am timeslot (C+); O'Hurley Feud only lasting at 8am for one week (F); It Takes a Church leaves schedule for good (B+); Skin Wars season one marathon (A)Skin Wars and Idiotest paired back to back (A+); More Card Sharks in the morning while The $25,000 Pyramid and Whammy! return (A+)

Overall Grade: B

New logo and on-air graphics

An improvement for the better. Minor complaints about the on-air advertisements being too big but no one has been tuning out of the network just for that. GSN has stepped into 2015.

Grade: A

Buzzr "competition"

.....which has really had no effect on GSN. No major programming changes while ratings for GSN have actually gone up since Buzzr launched nationally on June 1st.

Grade: A

Overall grade for GSN first half: B


  1. The Chase in my mind should have returned in either May or June. Waiting until mid July is not needed. It Takes A Church I knew would flop because it didn't have a strong lead in like it did in its first season with Bible Challenge. But that show is gone too. Idiotest no doubt will get renewed along with Skin Wars and Chase. Although I was worried about Idiotest for a couple of weeks in May when it put up low numbers.

    1. "The Chase in my mind should have returned in either May or June. Waiting until mid July is not needed."

      They wanted to hold the episodes off for Chain Reaction, but I still do not agree with the long hiatus

  2. i want Sale of the Century back on GSN NETWORK ASAP NO EXCEPTIONS


  4. it'll be interesting to see if buzzr starts leasing from the sony library as the diginet picks up more affiliates as gsn is still being allowed to lease from the fremantle library

  5. How is MMC a F?
    Does anybody have the syndicated ratings?

    1. It just never aired on GSN and it was suppose to. It was the biggest disappointment this year so far, especially those who do not get MMC in their area or in a bad timeslot.

    2. The syndicated ratings must be pretty good. I believe I heard that more episodes were ordered

  6. You forgot to grade the abrupt and unscheduled removal of the return of Let's Ask America.
    The viewers were promised Bill Bellamy episodes to GSN in January but nothing showed up.

    1. How is that a D compared to MMC which is a F?
      You are not being consistent.

    2. Just my opinion but MMC not airing was a much bigger disappointment than Let's Ask America Season 3 not airing on GSN.