Monday, July 13, 2015

'Celebrity Family Feud' ratings on ABC Family Feud, in its fourth week last night (7/12), rose and has been summer's #1 new show. Celebrity Family Feud is only topped by America's Got Talent on NBC. (Source: TVByTheNumbers/Zap2it):

July 12th: 2.1 18-49; 8.6 million total viewers (not final; may be adjusted up/down)
July 5th: 1.6 18-49; 7.1 million total viewers
June 28th: 1.9 18-49; 8.3 million total viewers
June 21st (premiere): 2.4 18-49; 8.7 million total viewers

The premiere was huge (and #1 in 18-49 for June 15-21); the fall was a little much for June 28th but not severe, July 5th faced soccer and last night's rise was great.

In addition, the repeat numbers from this past Saturday night (7/11) are something to note. ABC ran the three episodes that already aired the three prior Sundays. For Saturday night reruns in the summer, these runs were very impressive and were the highest rated airings for the night:

8pm ET: 0.7 18-49/3.5 million total viewers
9pm ET: 0.9 18-49/3.7 million total viewers
10pm ET: 1.0 18-49/4.1 million total viewers

The rise over three hours is really fantastic.

It looks like Celebrity Family Feud is a lock for a second season on ABC. Will this season surface on GSN I wonder? At the right price only, considering it's only six hour-long episodes (equivalent to twelve half-hour). Eventually, ABC Feud from this summer will come to GSN.


  1. Not only that, ABC topped the night in total viewers and in the demo. Safe to say, Celebrity Family Feud was the summer hit that the network was looking for.

    1. So long Wipeout. Celebrity Family Feud is the better show in my opinion

    2. It was by 2013, Wipeout started to fade. Although I liked Wipeout, CFF was more fun and hilarious. It's doing way better than 5th Grader and BOOM right now in the ratings. Even Big Brother can't out beat Steve. Here's hoping to a long success.

  2. And it could boost Feud's ratings over Wheel's in the fall.. guess Sony really needs to refresh Wheel of Fortune soon, or else..

  3. black celebrity ff got lucky with its episode last week. nascar was delayed for several hours plus the women's world cup finale was a blow out so they picked up a lot of viewers.

    plus low class people like dumb celebrity wannabes and ghetto people like low class programming with terms like va-jay-jay and baloney pony.

  4. Fremantlemedia hates Mark Goodson and Bill Todman forever.

  5. Celebrity Family Feud has finished off with 2.1 18-49 and 8.7 million viewers. Very, very impressive for summer

  6. I would like to see the three versions of ABC Feud: The new Harvey summer episodes and the Dawson Daytime episodes and also the primetime All-Star episodes...

  7. it's probably going to be controversial for me to say this in you blog and I do apologize in advance, but I think that Harvey should change his first name to Satan Harvey because the people who worship and praise this version on ABC and Syndication are the poor souls who will rot in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity and they will never be saved forever.

    and the reason I say this is just appropriately in "six" words...

    Honey Boo Boo vs. Cake Boss

    let that sink in for a moment folks.

    enjoy riding the juvenile rollercoaster alongside Adolf Hitler and the Grim Reaper everybody.

    1. Funny you say that because the host is a Christian who likes to quote things from the Bible sometimes. I'm slowly starting to think he might be homophobic. On his talk show, it's worse. He thinks he knows everything about relationships. And the ironic part is he has been divorced three times. I wouldn't take love advice from a dude who has been divorced a lot. Although I still like the show, I just think that Steve Harvey in general needs to keep his personal beliefs to himself and himself only. Don't be spreading it around people that might be offended by what you say.

      Yeah the Honey Boo Boo and Cake Boss episode was bad, but sill funny either way. A year later after the episode aired, her show was canceled due to her boyfriend being a monster to kids.

    2. And I really wondered why in one of the six episodes I saw in 2010 before I stopped watching this version in particular he started creepily hugging a black male contestant named Melton for way too long.

      also Adam you may think that the Honey Boo Boo vs. Cake Boss episode on Feud was funny to you, but to me and everybody else (who had a brain of course) this feels like it was a crappy commercial/promotional plug for TLC. and yet I still have to ask this question again to this version in particular...


    3. Keep in mind, TLC was once an educational channel. Now it's a crap station. Same thing with MTV and VH1. Also History has been crappy as well.

    4. That is true. But I guess The "Learning" Channel has turned into The "Lazy" Channel in particular.

      but back to the matter at hand Adam, I think that this version will later on suffer the same similar fate as Match Game did because of the "renaissance" it's having of course in the earlier 70s version, the game played originally like its 60s counterpart but when Dick DeBartlo added in the "risqué" humor later on, people loved it as the ratings got up every year until its demise in 1982. while its other three revivals tried to continue on like its later 70s counterpart it never had come to be the success story like it was back in its heyday.

      So I really think that after this version's popularity dies down, other new revivals could carry over this style and try to turn it into a one season only flop of its former self.

      besides we've already seen this with its sister show and Feud will be no different unless it becomes the way it was originally but I really don't see that coming back in the future.