Friday, June 12, 2015

Updated 'Skin Wars' marathon numbers; afternoon 'Chain Reaction' numbers

Source: Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx Twitter)

Here are the complete numbers from last Saturday's Skin Wars marathon. The total viewer numbers were previously released, however the 18-49's were not.

4:00pm: 302K total; 69K 18-49
5:00pm: 425K total; 138K 18-49
6:00pm: 404K total; 144K 18-49
7:00pm: 370K total; 154K 18-49
8:00pm: 294K total; 112K 18-49
9:00pm: 248K total; 111K 18-49
10:00pm: 314K total; 136K 18-49
11:00pm: 253K total;  103K 18-49
Total: 326,000 total viewers; 121K 18-49
Primetime average: 285,000 total viewers; 120K 18-49

During the week of June 1-5 in its 3pm ET hour rerun slot, Chain Reaction has averaged between 299,000 total viewers and 433,000 total viewers in the 3pm slot and between 278,000 total viewers and 476,000 total viewers in the 3:30pm slot. 

Overall, good numbers for the Skin Wars marathon and even better numbers for afternoon Chain Reaction. We can only hope GSN keeps the old version at 3pm, the new version in primetime and that the new version can bring great numbers too. It should-I don't see why the new Chain Reaction wouldn't.


  1. Has anyone ever mentioned that none of the 3 top game shows have no rerun available on GSN or BTV? Wheel, nope. Jep, nada. TPiR Bob or Drew, nothin'. Seems like someone is missing out on some great value. And a shout out to Tammy if she's viewing. We miss you girl. I'm also hoping they put a sidebar for votes to let you know you are one missed gal.

    1. Previous season episodes of Wheel and J! air on Saturdays.
      J! previous season also airs as "Daytime Jeopardy" in select markets M-F.

    2. If Merv Griffin was alive today he would say: "Alex Davis, kiss my ass".

    3. Even though Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and The Price is Right are all great game shows, GSN is doing fine without them. Primetime and total day averages are up year to year while GSN is focusing more on original programming and less on acquisitions .

      For acquired game shows, Family Feud is doing more than enough for the numbers ;)

    4. I guess you have trouble comprehending the english language. I said none of the top 3 game shows have any presence on Game or Buzzer networks. Yes, GSN is zooming to the top of the cable market w/ back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back Feud. Still my point is the most recognizable games are not scheduled on 'Game Networks'. And any chance of getting a poll of voting yes or no if we want Tammy back as a commentor?

    5. I would like to hear from Tammy first if we could get a poll about her. If whoever was communicating with her on fb could send me a screenshot saying she wants a poll about her, then tell me.

      But I know she was mad about Casey using her comments without permission so I do not want to do anything about her without her permission too.

    6. Actually I thought it would be a nice surprise to show her we wanted her back. The damage has already been done by Casey, so since she's no longer posting what do we have to lose. You wouldn't even need to put her last name and honestly I don't remember it. I've noticed many people on here have asked her back and this would be a great way to prove she's loved by us game show geeks.

    7. There is now a poll on the top of the sidebar that expires June 30th.

      If anyone wishes to spread word around here or elsewhere, please do.

    8. Thanks!! Hopefully she gets a little more support than we have now @ 67% no.

  2. Sadly the only thing on gsn is black ghetto trash and i haven't watched the black gsn in months.