Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Updated June 22-28 advanced schedule: More 'Skin Wars' reruns

There is a new June 22-28 schedule, which has been posted by Casey Abell at GameShowFollies from GSN. Here are the changes for this coming week (including and not including Skin Wars changes):

*A Skin Wars rerun (from 6/17) will air Wednesday at 4pm; replacing Deal or No Deal
*A Skin Wars rerun (from 6/24) will air Wednesday latenight at 3am (early Thursday morning); replacing The Newlywed Game.
*The Chase and Idiotest will flip at 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays. The Chase will now air Thursday at 8pm and Idiotest Friday at 8pm. Both are in reruns (The Chase starts up on July 16th).

All Times Eastern

The GSN Online Schedule backs all changes. There are no changes yet for the week of June 29-July 5, however Skin Wars is a rerun that week.


  1. I must respectfully disagree. I don't think Chase & Idiotest will flop in the Thurs. and Fri. slots. Sure, they won't be up there with another Feud repeat, but good enough considering they're reruns of abused shows with limited episodes.

  2. This is a typo on my part. I got really confused when I read this comment. The Chase and Idiotest will FLIP on Thursday and Friday.

  3. The cover e-mail said some of the changes would continue the following week and some would be temporary, but I can't remember which is which and I don't have the e-mail any more. Anyway, I assume I'll get a new schedule for June 29-July 5 one of these days.