Saturday, June 13, 2015

Upcoming guest judges on 'Skin Wars'
Current Skin Wars judges
This past week, we saw the season two premiere of Skin Wars with permanent judges RuPaul Charles, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy. However, there will be guest judges throughout this second season as there were during the first season. These guest judges are added as a fourth judge and do not replace any other judges (unless otherwise noted in future seasons of Skin Wars).

Upcoming guest judges the next two weeks include Chef Cat Cora on June 17th (episode 2) and singer Zendaya on the June 24th episode (episode 3). Carson Kressley, who  served as a guest judge in the first season, will make an appearance later this season also.


  1. god why don't they just get bruce jenner on there so that they have all the freaks covered????

    1. That should say Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce has passed on

    2. Bruce murdered the woman in her car with his wreckless driving. Since Bruce is no more, Caitlyn is off the hook for the crime.

      Bruce Jenner is like Alex Davis.

    3. Speaking of Alex Davis, is he gay? He has mentioned a "boyfriend" a few times on twitter over the past months.