Friday, June 26, 2015

'The Chase', 'Idiotest' and 'Skin Wars' will be renewed by the end of summer

No surprise here.

You can say that The Chase, Idiotest and Skin Wars should be guaranteed renewal based on ratings, but now it is a guarantee that The Chase, Idiotest and Skin Wars will all receive additional seasons by the end of the summer.

In other words, The Chase, Idiotest and Skin Wars have all been (unofficially) renewed by GSN.

The Chase will be getting a fifth season. Idiotest and Skin Wars will each be getting third seasons. While the renewal is known, the number of episodes are not.

In addition, on GSN's casting page for future shows, The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars and upcoming GSN series Hellevator are active on the casting page.

Through all this, the higher-ups at Game Show Network have confidence in these current three GSN originals. However, there is no mention of Steampunk'd or Chain Reaction (which have not been tested on the air yet).


  1. Casey Abell must be pissed that he didn't report this before you.

    1. At least their competition has finally released some positives from their first month. A blurb in 'Television In Their Transition Year'(TITTY) magazine reports Buzzr reports during the early morning fringe from 6-9 a.m. eastern 96% of all viewers watching classic game shows are watching Buzzr. To me this is astounding. Any thoughts?

    2. That statistic does not make sense for many reasons. First, in the 6-8 a.m. timeslot for Game Show Network, there is paid programming. Then, how do they monitor "all classic game show viewers"? Third, if you have seen the latest GSN morning numbers, for the first two hours GSN is putting up some of the strongest numbers I have ever seen for 30 to 40 year old game shows:

      Buzzr should send out some actual ratings. Numbers, viewers, not percentages. That 96%, at least from 8-9am, makes zero sense (6-8am I can see since GSN has Paid Programming).

    3. Actually that was a typo on my end. The article said 6-8 a.m.. I'm wondering if this was pointed at TV Land. Didn't they air Harvey Feud for a few weeks in the wee hours of the morning? Plus a # like 96% makes them looks awesome in the trade papers. You should be able to search the archives for the press release or the mag.

    4. I do not believe TV Land has ever aired Harvey Feud in the early mornings on weekdays, but currently TV Land dumps Harvey Feud Saturday mornings from 6-9am. It does not appear Harvey Feud worked out for TV Land.

      I do not see why Buzzr would be comparing themselves to TV Land, for one. Two, Harvey Feud is not a classic game show.

      96% is obviously a good percentage, but HOW many people is that really? Buzzr may be skewing some numbers on their own, especially since GSN has nothing to offer in those hours.

    5. TV LAND has paid programming 6-9am Mon-Fri. They run a 24 hour schedule during the weekends.