Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Skin Wars' and 'Idiotest' new tonight: Guest judge Zendaya on 'Skin Wars'
Rebecca Romijn, RuPaul Charles and guest judge Zendaya
Two back to back hours of GSN originals air tonight. 

Skin Wars is new at 9pm ET with guest judge Zendaya, a modern musician and artist (in case you did not know). The episode is called "Musical Harmony" for a reason. This episode of Skin Wars will feature partner challenges. Ten contestants remain on Skin Wars. If you missed out on last week's Skin Wars, a rerun will air at 8pm leading into the new Skin Wars.

Two new episodes of Idiotest will air at 10pm and 10:30pm ET. This week, two teams of friends compete against each other in one of the episodes.



    9:00pm Skin Wars: 655K total viewers; 251K 18-49
    10:00pm Idiotest: 468K total viewers; 137K 18-49
    10:30pm Idiotest: 411K total viewers; 112K 18-49

  2. Non related, but since ABC was pleased for how Celebrity Family Feud performed on Sunday, so they are repairing the first episode at 7 pm leading up to the new one. I think the second episode will drop a little. 7.7 mil is my prediction.

  3. goody more ghetto trashy programing coming soon to a useless channel in your area.