Monday, June 8, 2015

Renewal odds 6/8/15: 'The Chase', 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'Baggage On The Road', 'It Takes a Church', 'Lie Detectors'

The order, once again, is from most chance for renewal to least:

The Chase 

We have heard word of the premiere date for new episodes, Thursday, July 16th. It has only been a four month hiatus and The Chase has still appeared twice a week on the GSN schedule. Ratings should return strong but not record-breaking. Just 5 more weeks until new episodes.

Chance of renewal: 99% (flat)

Skin Wars

GSN loves Skin Wars. They have put every effort into this show, including bold and unique advertising. I do not see Skin Wars completely crashing but I have predicted that ratings may fall off a little bit for this second season from the first. Even if ratings do decline, GSN will do anything to reboot the show and bring Skin Wars back for a third season.

Chance of renewal (for Season 3): 90%


Last week, Idiotest put up strong numbers. Over ten weeks, Idiotest has averaged 378,000 total viewers. This number is actually up 3% from the first ten weeks of the first season (which averaged 367,000 total viewers). GSN seems to love Idiotest anyway, surrounding their #1 show (Skin Wars) with new runs of Idiotest starting this week.

Chance of renewal: 90% (up 5% from last week)

Baggage On The Road  

Unlike It Takes a Church and Lie Detectors, BOTR is still hanging in there, but barely. Just a Friday 2am slot and no news elsewhere.

Chance of renewal: 1% (flat)

It Takes a Church 
Renewal odds history: 60% (3/23), 45% (3/30), 50% (4/6), 35% (4/13), 35% (4/20), 25% (4/27), 10% (5/4), 10% (5/11), 1% (5/18), 1% (5/25), 1% (6/1).

Lie Detectors 
Renewal odds history: 45% (4/20), 1% (4/27), 1% (5/4), 1% (5/11), 1% (5/18), 1% (5/25), 1% (6/1).


  1. You nailed both Church and Detectors well ahead of the curve. Once again the reason I come here first for game show news. I guess the chances for the combination spin off of Church Detectors won't happen now. :(

    1. Are you this site's owner posting as an anonymous person? Who COULDN'T see the cancellation of these two awful shows coming?

  2. It Takes A Church i'm sure will get revived one of these days, just on a different network. The UP channel would be good to air this show. I think Idiotest is good for a third season. I think GSN should give Baggage On The Road another chance, because it put up fairly decent total viewer and 18-49 numbers.

  3. Douglas Pucci has the numbers for last week's morning lineup from 8 to 10 am.

    MG at 8 am 117k-206k
    MG at 8:30 am 191k- 309k
    CS 190k-375k
    PTL 163k- 325k

    Obviously the 8:30 run of Match Game and Card Sharks posted some big numbers for a morning.

  4. Adam, thanks for the heads up with the ratings. I will write a post soon.

    As for It Takes a Church, I am sure a revival similar to the GSN production we saw over the past year will surface again, somewhere/somehow. As for Baggage On The Road, once again I will never throw away the idea of a Baggage revival.