Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ratings: 'Skin Wars' marathon

Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx Twitter) has posted ratings for the Season 1 Skin Wars marathon, which aired Saturday, June 6th. All episodes went in order.

4:00pm: 302K
5:00pm: 425K (+29%)
6:00pm: 404K (-5%)
7:00pm: 370K (-8%)
8:00pm: 294K (-21%)
9:00pm: 248K (-16%)
10:00pm: 314K (+21%)
11:00pm: 253K (-19%)
Eight-hour average: 326,000 total viewers
Primetime average (8-11pm): 285,000 total viewers

Overall, solid numbers for a show that doesn't rerun well (since viewers know the outcome of the season).


  1. Tomorrow will be a great night for GSN. 4 new episodes of Idiotest and the season premiere of Skin Wars. I think the SW premiere will be slightly lower than the season 1 premiere, but still good for the network's standards. Non related, but I really hope DirecTv transfers GSN from SD to HD soon. The originals would look good in brand spanking high definition.

  2. Douglas Pucci tweeted last week's Chain Reaction numbers.

    3 pm 299k-375k
    3:30 278k-476k

  3. Actually the numbers were 299K-435K for 3:00 PM...


    I asked Douglas Pucci for the ratings with the Chain Reaction remake coming soon. The numbers are very impressive for a mid-afternoon show that's been rerun into fine dust particles. Wonder how the remake will perform in prime time?

    1. I'll get it right one of these days. 299K-433K for 3:00 PM.

    2. I'll get it right someday too. We all make mistakes. I might need glasses.

  4. Casey and Adam, I have not seen the Chain Reaction ratings in full with what Douglas Pucci tweeted. For a nine-year old original rerun, those are great numbers for two reasons: Getting above 400,000 total viewers, which is a standout normally for primetime and now a daytime show is doing that; also the fact that the range of Chain Reaction numbers is well above the GSN total day average on a normal week.

    I'll make a post eventually about the Skin Wars 18-49 numbers and these Chain Reaction numbers, if that's even necessary by tomorrow but I cannot get around to it today.

    Whatever GSN does with the new version of Chain Reaction coming, they probably should not remove the 2006-07 version from the 3pm hour (but not add anywhere else).